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Friday, September 14, 2012

The First and Second Runners Up Are...

Alright, it's time for a couple of warmed up tabletops.
 Well, because we bought this.
 You remember this, right?
 We also got one of these.
 Plus, both of the surfaces we're redoing are a cluttered train wreck.
 This is a great excuse tidy the whole mess up.
The first area is the bookcase behind the sofa.
I have a thing for tackling the ugliest mess first.
This area had become a dumping surface for whatever was in your hands when you came in.
I had a caddy with sections and a charging station to accept these items.
Things piled up like a landfill.
There was no charm, nothing to welcome you.
It wasn't the first impression to my home that I'd envisioned.
You need a blank slate, so everything went except the the lamps and the fish tank.
Then, I shopped the house.
Let's start with some candlelight, always a favorite.
 I have this 12" bubble bowl, an inexpensive purchase from Walmart;
I love pieces that have unlimited potential.
We'll give it a little base of leveling sand.
Anyone still spending $3.95 for a bag of sand at the craft store instead of $2.50
for 40 pounds at the garden center is NUTS.
 I like to put my pillar candles in a straight sided vase from The Dollar Tree.
When you light the candle, none of the decorative elements around it burst into flame.
I'm kind of anti-raging-out-of-control-fire.
You can actually light this and enjoy it.
I have a collection of seashells painted silver
from a couple years ago.
They'll inject a little seaside flavor while keeping with our seasonal theme of metallics.
Have you ever prices silver shells at Pottery Barn or Z Gallerie?
Pick up some spray paint in Chrome.
You'll save a couple hundred bucks.
I added a little spray of twigs washed up on the beack that just cleared the rim of the bubble,
and a tiny butterfly to match the blues in the room.
Light it up.
That took a good 10 minutes. Whew.
Before bringing that over though, we smoothed the runner under the lamps and the fish tank.
The fish were not amused by being picked up and sloshed.
They thought their three gallon world had been hit by a three gallon tsunami.
On the other end of the bookcase, we'll add more silver and candles
Remember this little project?
That's a good bit of sparkle, and an imposingly large case,
for very little cash.
We'll add a battery powered candle lantern (CVS, $19.99)
and a small Buddha statue.
I mean, we're Buddhist after all.
At the other end, we'll reflect that with a second small statue...
...but this Enlightened One adds His own lighting as well for a nice Zen glow.
That's so much neater and serene.
It's like potato chips;
once you have the first problem area done, it's on to the next!
 My coffee table was a landing pad for school and craft supplies.
We'll just relocate Blackberry to the sofa.
 My coffee table is an antique steamer trunk from the late 1800's,
 a prized $35 flea market score that's velvet lined with drawers and compartments galore~
even a top hat stand!
First, the runner goes down to anchor the arrangement
and visually warm up the surface.
 We'll fill a Dollar Tree pumpkin dish with a little candy.
 It just so happens my favorite butterscotches with a caramel center 
are a mellow shade of gold.
 We'll top one of our versatile and CHEAP candle bases with a blue 
etched hurricane and pillar to keep that denim hue from the sectional
and drapes going.
 Then we'll bring in a long basket I spray painted Rustoleum Satin Apple Green
 and fill it with Bamboo Jasmine potpourri as a base.
 My pumpkin tureen is a great anchor, and it hides game controllers!
 Smaller Dollar Tree ceramic pumpkins collected over a few years 
tuck in the center with a few silk orchid blooms.

My largest ceramic pumpkin lost it's leaves in the fire,
so we'll just add some copper sprayed silks and wire for embellishment.
 Everything is low so the view of the TV is unobstructed,
and it stays on the runner so we can still have drink and snack space
for family movie time.
 Shine and rust are great foils for each other.
 Please note the small, unobtrusive dog bed area.
Spoiled brats.

 Neat, tidy, and I'm very happy with this.
 I like seasonal  touches that don't disrupt my basic look.
This blends perfectly.
 Hmmmm...those pillows need a tweak.
 We still have lots to do.
Meet me back here Monday.
 Until then...
 ...I believe some Feline Overlord scritching time with our oldest Grande Dame
of the Clowder is in order.
Blackberry is a youthful 10 year old, and the only outward signs of age are her increased need to exsanguinate her Hoomins.
Oh. Joy.
Thank God the sofa's slipcovered.


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Looks great!

Guess what I picked up at the dollar store yesterday ;). Oh yeah.

Now where did I leave that spraypaint?

Michelle L. said...

Both excellent redecors! I am envious of that steamer trunk! And really like the big glass objets all around the fish bowl in the entry - makes the aquarium blend in and look like part of the ornamentation.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

FAB-U-wait for it-LOUS! And the tortie is precious! Man I gotta get my fall decor out. It's actually been in the 40's here some nights this week! :)

lisbonlioness said...

I know there's a lot more to love, but for me, the little butterfly on the twig did it. Perfect. It's exactly what I would do if I only had the flashes of inspiration! Anything with a twig has my name on it.