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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sunroom Porn

I'm flying home today from Upstate NY, and in nearly June, what did we find?
 That's right.
This is sick and wrong on many levels.
So as I say good-bye to the beautiful scenery and perfect hospitality,
one thing in particular is on my mind:
With that said, I present to you some sunny spaces.

It's back to work tomorrow, and when we return to the remodel, I'll have paint in hand.
See you guys then!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mug Shots

I've been away in Albany New York
for some serious R&R at my BFF's country house.
While I've been up here braving the cold,
my children have been doing some...
Take for instance this thrift store tiki.
Please...take this thrift store tiki.
Samwow actually needed a movie prop, so he bought the weird thing
for two bucks, then broke into my primer.
Not that this is helping.
The effect may be the exact opposite.
So we'll break out the metallic gold next.
Two coats later, and we have a golden idol for his next big production,
a music video with a zombie apocalypse theme.
Sometimes, I just don't ask.
However, with Dollar Tree white coffee cups, painter's tape, and chalkboard paint,
Savannah managed to pull off graduation gifts for all of her uber
bright friends heading on to their last two years of college.
Simply put painter's tape around the rim, handle and base,
pressing firmly into place.
Turn the cup upside down, and two coats later,
you have a caffeine container that will express an insomniac
chem major's true feelings.

A few sticks of colorful chalk tied with ribbon and
 tucked in before wrapping complete the gift.
And really, what kid doesn't enjoy endlessly personalizing their stuff?
This has been another strange gift idea from the team at LIR.

Yes, yes, I'll be home soon.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Coastal Porn

What happened to The Redhead, you may be asking yourself?
Quite frankly, on Thursday, I hopped a plane for Albany, NY
to spend a few days chilling with my BFF, Michael, and his adorable wife, Carolyn.
 It's a solo trip, the destination being their fabulous country home.
Photos to follow, I swear.
With the weather being cold and wet, internet here in the middle of nowhere
has been spotty at best, which is why I've been incommunicado.
But before I left Miami, I put together some beachalicious porn for you guys 
that has been making my heart skip beats.
This is the direction we'll be heading next week when the fun stuff starts in our 
minor remodeling project.

Colors have been gathered, daring designs have been discussed, and I promise
you nothing less than my usual Ringling Brothers, "out there" taste.
Be prepared to say...
"Why??? Why would you DO that?"
Mostly because I can.