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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What the &;^%$#@ Are You Wearing Wednesday!?!? Holiday Spokescreature Edition

Fact: cats cannot decipher calendars.
Not even Mayan cats.
You can sneak seasonal atrocities right past them if you aren't stupid enough to leave incriminating evidence laying around.
Wells is one of our brighter Feline Overlords. 
We haven't seen her since this picture was taken.
Hugs? Not as bright, fast, or lucky.
He's a perfect candidate to let you know that we plan to bring something back this year...
 The Twelve Days of Catmas!
 We're ecstatic at the prospect.
After a bit of reasoning, we agreed to add another official Rehab holiday spokescreature.
Please prepare yourself for...
 The Unidentified Sugarplum Entity.
Not everyone is amused by the idea.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Snow in Miami

When you're getting disgusted looks from your cat, you know you need to kick it into high gear.
This was the treatment I was getting Friday.
 Sure, Momma Kitteh had a point. There was a little bit of a jumble draped over the house like a net. That cuts down on Feline Overlord lounging space considerably.
The best way to clear clutter?
Condense it.
How about we make some centerpieces that bring the quiet of the forest inside?
We don't have snow here, so if I get something wrong, let me know.
Start shopping the house.
You'll need:
Clear, straight sided vases or vessels of some sort
Dollar Tree vases if you intend to use candles
Um.......candles? The pillar kind
River rock or stones. What do you already have that would work?
Fir garland you can bear to cut into pieces
Fake sprinkle snow. Target carries some marked Vase Filler
Small fake birds. Real ones cause too many problems
Pine cones. I had some spare silver ones from yesterday's project
 Clean the vases. If you're using candles, set the candle in a Dollar Tree vase and nestle it in the larger cylinder. Tuck in some black river rock.
 Cut the fir garland and fluff the branches, then wind them between the larger and smaller vases.
If you're not using a candle, just tuck the branch in and add a pine cone.
 Perch a fake bird on a branch that protrudes from the container.

 Now start sprinkling snow in the arrangement.

 Use a light hand on this step. You want to hint, not bellow.

 The degree of "fake" of your birds is up to you of course.

I kind of did a few. For impact, you know.
 Light the candles and enjoy the glistening dollop of Winter.
 15 minutes or less. How's that for easy?
However, I get the feeling we have not earned approval.
Perhaps we should just get on to the next project?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Chrome Forest

Simple, quick and cheap?
Got it.
You'll need:
Terra cotta mini pots. Mine were $0.39 each
Pine cones
Silicone adhesive
Newspaper or paper bags
Metallic spray paint. We used Krylon Aluminum and Chrome
Step one: give your pots three light coats of paint.
 I used the Aluminum as the base coat. Why?
We're using what we have on hand here.
 Take your natural pine cones...
 ...and give them a quick couple spritzes of metallic glitz.
Ooooooooooo, shiny!
 Now, using either newspaper or a bag that has fear in its eyes...
 ...tear small pieces of paper and crumple it to fill the pots.
 Give the pots and cones a last coat of slick Chrome.
 Use a skewer if any of the cones are particularly top heavy.
 Nab your silicone adhesive.
 Get a little gloppy here.
Now join the two pieces in decorative glory.
 You can stop here or get creative.
 We decided to embellish with simple bows in festive shades.
 And before you know it, you have a forest of shimmering mini trees at about $0.50 each.
Add a small card, a poem, an invitation to a cookie exchange, or landscape your Studio 54 Village.
At this price, you can afford to give everyone a little token of holiday cheer.
And who doesn't appreciate a touch of glimmer?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Going Shopping

Well here I sit in the midst of boxes and baubles, shine and twinkle averywhere,
feeling pretty good about not having set foot out side this house since Wednesday.
Except to repot a bullied orchid.
And let's be honest: Savannah did that.
 We're going to have some fun this week with you though, with $0.50 gifts, woodland scenes that come together in a snap, a seafood soup recipe that will take you 30 minutes,
 and a catalog from the past that will remind you that homemade gifts can be quick and cool.
Grab a little wrapping paper and let's hijack Better Homes and Gardens while we're at it.
Headed for the craft cabinet, BRB. If not back, avenge death.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What the &;^%$#@ Are You Wearing Wednesday!?!?

 Naughty? Only on the outside.
But you know a little bit naughty is how we roll.
We add a smattering of attitude...
...laced with good intetions.
Hesitancy and reluctance abound.
And then there's...
...well, THIS.
We aren't always sure what THIS is.
Whatever you label it, it adds up to the crew that gamely wears spray paint and has shiny
spots on their shirts from glue.
Get ready, glitter is coming your way.
The Ghost of Non-Denominational, Non-Specific Holiday Gift Giving Past assures you.

Life in Rehab