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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Going Shopping

 It's early for me, but we have a lot to do this weekend,
 and I have all of The Minions here as work crew, so let's take advantage!
 There's plastic cherry jars, cardboard boxes, bottles of glue, coffee cans, and a disassembled old grill sitting in the yard. I have soda bottles, cider vinegar, twine, bamboo, and different lots of spray paint at the ready. All I need now is caffeine. Oh, and hot glue. Where's the hot glue?!?! And these bolts need replacing, they're all rusted...
So...headed for Joann's, The Dollar Tree, and Home Depot, BRB.
If not back, avenge death.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hop to It!

Easter is quickly stampeding our way, wiggling its cute little nose in a threatening manner.
Well, those of us whose egg houses are still boxed up are threatened
by how close it is.
Over the weekend, I need to get my Spring on in a big bad ugly way.
If you're still a couple of hops behind, allow me to get your fuzzy haunches in gear
with my file of ideas gathered to inspire.
Adapt and enjoy.
None of the following images are mine. There are plenty of those to follow.
Use a  vase-within-a-vaseto nestle your Peeps and skewers to elevate them for 
an easy arrangement packed with whimsy and color.
Good luck preventing the family from eating it.
 Everyone's favorite cake pops with Bunny Corn ears?
 Use food coloring on the whites after boiling and scooping the yolks to produce 
an unexpected twist on the classic guilty pleasure, deviled eggs.
 Jelly bean vase filler? I'll have to keep this out of my mother's reach.
How cute is this?
Pink jelly beans in a jar, and you have a cute little gift for teachers, baby sitters,
or the perfect container for the cup holder of your mini van.
Enjoy the sugar rush.
 These are the best deviled eggs ever made!
Relive Ozzy's early stage shows and bite the heads off a chicken.
 Vase-within-a-vase corralled with a flouncy scrap of tulle.
I think even I would eat this one.
Are Peeps fat free?
 If your kids are too old for the traditional basket,
this is a softly hued way to show off pretty candies
before the sugar-fueled carnage ensues.
Dibs on that white chocolate rabbit's ears, ya'll.
 For those of you who are slightly twisted.
Tuck this in a basket, and you can obliterate that pesky childhood innocence 
in short order.
My sick little Minions would have been in hysterics.

Plastic eggs are inexpensive, versatile, and don't attract insects
like a lot of the vase filler that's been used.
In Florida, that's a real consideration.
 I'd bet money we have an old rusted bike around here somewhere...
Coco baskets and trailing blooms are nearly as welcoming as the carrots.
 Cover a styrofoam ball with plastic food wrap and pin the Peeps to it.
Start a pool as to whether or not the centerpiece makes it through brunch.
Put me down for $5 and 11:30.
 Four layers of chocolate cake and the business end of a Dollar Tree bunny
would help those of us who cut Wilton Cake Decorating class
 Just in case you run out of diapers?
Baby's first temporary tattoo.
In case you run out of other things to paint.
 Are those chocolate?
Of course not.
They're made of liver and brussel sprouts.
Now move along, they're mine.
 This is a fantastic idea...simple, inexpensive, and a great way to get the children involved
in the spirit of the holiday.
We aren't Christian, but the Minions know the traditions of other religions,
and things like this really bring them to life.
 I suppose terra cotta warriors are in order to guard the Dove eggs and Godiva bunnies.
I love this.
No basket to store.
 Jell-o Jigglers with a sweetened cream cheese yolk ~ I know I still have these molds around here somewhere...
For the decorating challenged (like me!), these are festooned with candies.
Simple. Colorful. Fool proof.
Hit the Dollar Tree and go nuts.
Graham cracker Peep houses!
I'm thinking place card holders.
 Blown or hard boiled eggs would make a very subtle arrangement here, and you could dye them to match your bouquet.
 Speaking of swag...
Another vase-within-a-vase creation, but the square shape and citrus
shades give it a stand out quality.
I had to clip it.
Christ Almighty, if you want to attempt this, you're on your own at this point.

NONE of these are my photos, ideas, or work.
Unlike a normal person, I save project pictures without the URL to a file if I think they are self-explanatory.
If any of this is your work, tell me, and as always, I'll delightedly give you credit.
After all, genius should be signed.
And if you have Passover ideas you'd like to share,
definitely let me know!

So, what have YOU got going this weekend?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kitchen Pornography

Back in the good old days (you know, back in the day, when I was young. I had an onion on my belt,
which was the style at the time. Name that reference!), when we were planning a project,
 we spent months clipping magazine articles and piling up tons of glossy paper.
 I'm so happy there's an interwebs now, although my husband wonders why I 
keep labeling my files "Porn."
 This refrigerator alone answers that question.
I'd so ruin the finish rubbing against it.
In the showroom.
I get in more trouble like that.
"Security, there's a middle aged redhead in housewares licking the toaster ovens.
 Sure, this is a little like being trapped in a Granny Smith apple, but I liked the extreme 
drench of color just as a springboard.
 Dinner tonight will be anything Tuscan. Break out the white beans.
 Chateau Inferno is 2300 square feet; I think this kitchen is bigger.
Still, this is details on two legs.
The base relief islands and chandeliers have me in a tizzie.
I'm moving into this pantry!
I could can on an industrial level with this baby.
Too formal for me, but the exposed stone wall is to die for.
 I have a thing for chandeliers in unexpected places, although
this one doesn't need painting or anything.
I didn't know they came like that.
 Simple is brilliant.
This little solution would be under $10.
Spend another $10 and be able to find all of your baking dishes.
Maybe they won't be broken either.
 If you can't hang them, this would sure work.
 And I could stare at it for hours and hours...
 I'd like to order this view, please.
Does it require assembly?
 Oh. God. The floors.
I must make these from pallets. I must.
The mix of finishes and styles that flow into each other is my kind of thing.
I like the unexpected.
And I like the boost of courage this affords to not be too matchy-matchy.
 The lighting? Fabulous.
The cabinet colors? Stunning.
The opportunity to slide across the floor in a button down, Wayfarers, and your socks to Bob Seger?
Hand me my hairbrush/microphone!
 The backsplash.
 The backsplash.
 The backsplash.
 The backsplash.
Have I mentioned the backsplash?
Hold me back!
There's nothing here that I don't love.
Do I smell spray paint?
This should be my ceiling.
A version of this treatment is definite.
What screams "beach" like pressed tin and beadboard?
Those pendant lights are vases waiting for my glass drill bit.
Look at that pot rack!
I need to haunt the plumbing department for a while...
 I'm not a fan of galley kitchens, but the exposed beams and flow are inspired.
I'd still want somewhere to sit.
 I WISH I could open doors and drawers and see what's going on 
behind the scenes in this one, don't you?
 Blue and polished chrome...I need a moment to myself.
 THIS is close to perfection...
just like my husband.
(One trip to The Habitat for Humanity Restore coming up!)
 That island looks like something I'd do, and I'd like to think that's a good thing.
The corbels on this island?
Honestly, this cooking wall is just delicious!
Pies, cakes, cookies, island mac 'n cheese and 
a full wildebeest with an apple in its mouth would fit in here at once!
Thanksgiving? Child's play.  
 I have toyed with a custom wall that houses the stand mixer and the like.
What would be more perfect than barn sliders to make it all vanish?
Look at the screen door leading to the pantry.
The pass through is darned handy too.
"I said green chilis. This is salsa verde."
 I often think I have a Ringling Brother's sense of color use, and this is ME.
Give me a pallet that's a sun drenched day in Jamaica.
You'd have to be happy in this kaleidoscope.
 I know, I know, it's outside.
I still want it.
And there's the shelving I want!
Somewhere for my mixing bowls and custom spice blends.
Some glittery glass tiles would put them in the spotlight.

So which photo did you scroll up to repeatedly?
What would you do?
Better yet, what have you DONE, and what would you advise me to avoid?
Let's do this together, shall we?
There's a margarita in it for you.