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Friday, June 1, 2012

Put a Ring on It

As of today, Mr. Sam Torres and I have been wed for 22 years.
Like most young 
brides, I went with a less expensive ring
so that our funds could be sunk into something more important,
like Chateau Inferno.
A lot of women upgrade as they go.
All these years later, I have the same house, the same husband,
and the same ring.
But when you look at some of the glittering choices out there,
my, my, my, there are some good arguments for change.
How about multiple karats that span your hand like the ice age?
As opposed to a couple of beat up bands with the stones missing.
Hmmmmmm...this seems to ave all the stones, as well as
a lot of glamor.
This ring has private side entrances and superior ventilation.
 This one seems exceptionally strong and solid,
like it would last well.
Mine seem to have cracked under the pressure of years of hard work.
However, it's still comfortable.
Now here's a sparkler that looks spectacular from any view.
In contrast, these look like I've had them for a millennium.
Also from any view.
A lot of dazzle for your dollar here, like a shiny new toy.
Let's face a fact here though.
A new ring is a temptation.
They're beautiful, charming, and shiny.
They hold the pizazz of the unfamiliar,
which is always exciting.
And every new ring is perfect when you first try it on.

You may not see the flaws until you've worn it a while.
By the time you find them, and learn how to work with them,
you may not be as comfortable.

New things always beckon.
Before long, they aren't new anymore, and you're back where you started.
Are you going to toss that ring and move on again?
The band I originally slid on my finger is broken in;
the breaks and missing stones are earned.
It's been through a lot, and it still fits, feels right, compliments my hand.
Love is one of those things that gets worn in and ages well.
You learn what each other needs, you figure it out together.
You support each other through all of the hardest times.
It may lose some glitter, but it does keep its glow.
I'm getting a bauble for my anniversary, but the ring stays in place.
It symbolizes everything good and strong that makes up Sam and me.
Through three children, special needs, aging parents, a house fire, and health scares,
we've listened and understood.
It's lasted. And it's right.
Besides, you guys know damned well with my taste, I'd end up with this.
I know, right?


Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Huge congrats. Hopefully 22 years and 1 week from now I'll be posting the same type of thing. :)

Yes...I can see you ending up with that last ring. (Is that a good thing or a bad thing?)

Also you say " A new ring is perfect when you firs try it on. . . may not see the flaws until you've worn it a while." Hm.. that also is the case with a partner, I think! And you come to love their flaws too!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh Happy Anniversary!!!! Ours is coming up and yes my ring is well worn also, but like you, it fits and it has lasted. Hugs, Marty

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Happy Anniversary. My wedding ring is just a simple gold band so small you can hardly see it. (I also have a lovely diamond engagement ring, working so much in the garden I only wear it occassionally.) But, this simple gold band means the world to me and it will never, ever, be taken off! It is worth a king's ransom to me in memories.

Incidently, I love the last ring ~ fantastic!

Homemade Heather said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Love this post.... I went "awwwww" and "lol" all in the same breathe!

lisbonlioness said...

Great, I am the last to know!! So sorry I am late to wish you a happy anniversary, but something tells me that it will have been a beautiful occasion for you and Mr Inferno anyway ;)
I can truthfully say that I would not wear any of those rocks you posted, as I find them utterly soul- less and screaming ugly for the simple reason of being a big, flashy advertisement of empty overstatement.
As opposed to the rings you are wearing. Tattered, broken and carat by carat full of life lived together. My Mum is right, diamonds are inherently dead. The only way to bring them to life is by injecting them with love. (Mum is a wise woman, really, and she can burp like a pro. I adore her with all my heart) My Mister could give me a washer and call it a jewel, and I would wear it with more pride than Naomi sports her blood diamonds with. Your rings are more beautiful than anything a lady could ever adorn her tentacles with. And this post is the perfect transcription of love. Thanks for sharing, lass, and send Sam some <3 from across the pond from me.

Carol said...

Happy Anniversary!
(Yes, it's really me! I am not dead, I swear; just insanely busy.)
Shiny things are nice, but the comfortable and familiar are usually more pleasing. I have a little set my husband bought as we too, decided to keep rings + wedding under $1,000 so we could spend money on our house instead. My Mamaw left me her wedding ring, though and I never take it off. Everyone notices that it's older than I am, but I love it!


PS. Go see the squirrel feeder I bought; you will love it.

pren said...

This was an awesome funny and beautiful post. I'm glad to have stumbled upon it :)

pren said...

Oops forgot to click notify :)