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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Going Shopping

I've been beached on the sofa all week with a chest cold,
but today, it's time to get out.
 Mom's birthday is coming up; she's been
 a tropical fish hobbyist for 50 years, but left her tank behind in Virginia
 when she moved.
 We've decided to remedy that.
Fish tanks have changed from those rectangular things with hoods that housed
our fire belly toads, slider turtles, and even our newt named Gingrich.
They've become sleek and sophisticated with a more decorative flare.
This is kind of cool, but not quite what I'm going for.

We own this one, which holds 3 gallons and has ambient lighting.
You can choose the color of the lights to match your room,
so naturally, ours glows blue.
$30 made it an easy choice.
 If you're looking for low maintenance, how about a bowl with a beta fish
that elevates your finned friend to the level of royalty?
At $60, this is a very pampered $3 fish.
 Perfect for our beachy home, but I think we want more of a community setting.
  I'm leaning towards this 5 gallon Chi tank. It's self contained with the filtration system,
lights, and a water feature built right in.
At $60, it's about the same as an old fashioned tank
with ala carte components.
This is just cool.
It's a little larger, and has a great profile.
 It also comes in silver.
My only qualm is the $120 price tag.

Today, the search begins for real.
Headed for the pet store and every Walmart
in the county.
If not back, avenge death.


Anonymous said...

Aquariums are awesome! We actually have four running right now. One is just a baby/snail tank. It's a 45 gallon high tank that holds, you guessed it, snails & baby fish. Jack Dempsey babies at the moment. Then we have a 55 gallon tank that holds two tiger oscars & a pleco. The 150 gallon cube tank holds Jack Dempseys, Jewels, a monster pleco & a baby pleco. Then there's the 250 gallon long tank. It sports 3 spotted puffer fish and numerous black mollies, tiger barbs, gouramis, & a pleco.

I love watching them but it's an expensive hobby!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Good luck and have fun! I love aquariums too and used to have several including saltwater tanks! They are just so relaxing!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm back online after being unplugged for a week on vacation. I can't wait to see what you come up with for your Mom's aquarium. Hope you are on the mend too.

lisbonlioness said...

Oooh, no... I hope you feel a lot better by the time you read this, poor lass.
Go with as big a tank as possible. Not only will the fish thank you from the bottom of their fishy hearts, you will also be able to build your very own underwater garden on a much larger scale than you ever thought you'd want to.
I used to run fish tanks, the largest of which held 160 liters, and it was so addictive!
The planning, the setting up of the whole eco- system and finally the introduction of fish after weeks of underwater gardening... incredibly rewarding and quite possibly the best hobby I ever had. Mine got left behind with a good friend in Germany, and I miss them. Not cheap to set up, but when done properly, they run themselves and there's hardly any additional cost.
A dream of a hobby!
I hope whatever you choose will work an absolute treat and your Mum will be pleased as punch. She sure deserves it <3