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Friday, June 8, 2012

Tackle the Spackle

Admit it, you have cracks.
Big ugly, disgusting ones.
 Fortunately, yours are not on your face.
 Those require a different blog.
The wall thing though? That we've got.
If you have an older home or a three year old whose 
grandma gives him lots of sugar, we can help you fix this in a flash.
You'll need an ugly wall, a scraper or putty knife,
and this fun stuff.
This is great for beginners because it goes on pink and turns white when it's dry.
Frankly, it's so fool proof it's all I bother to use, and with a burned out house,
there might be a crack or two.
So let's slather, shall we?
Someone's Future Husband in Training
Take that tub of pink and find a tiny crack, something miniscule, hardly worth noticing... this perhaps.
Something reasonable and not so
"Christ Almighty someone call FEMA!!!"
will do.
Clean up any loose paint with your scraper so the surface is clean.
Now, we're going to play this like you're frosting a cake.
Watch Mommy, Son.
Smooth the spackle onto the crack.
Spread it back and forth, easing it into the crack,
scraping it smooth.
You want this flat, but don't worry about ridges. 
This can be sanded once dry to a perfect finish, then painted, and no one
will be the wiser.
Wasn't that easy?
Get your spackle.
Because if he can do it on a first try, so can you.
That whole tub is under $7, which makes it a very economical fix
for all of those little flaws that make you cringe.
We're going to need a second application,
but if you've been nervous, go ahead...
tackle the spackle.

We hope our Grunge Week has given you the information you need
to dive in and handle some gross jobs yourself.
Think what you can do with the extra ka-ching!


lisbonlioness said...

I am absolutely ITCHING to fix a crack now, and the only thing this tip of a house doesn't have is cracked walls. DAMMIT! Btw, I want that alien cookie jar. Like I want to breathe my next breath or more.

Heather said...

We go through buckets of the stuff here at my 100 year old house! I even used it to stencil my bedroom. We've never used the pink stuff...we'll have to give it a try sometime!