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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vote for the Teensy Top Hat!

There's one day left in the Iron Crafter competition, and we're in second place! If you haven't voted for our Teensy Top Hat yet, you can do so by clicking HERE. We appreciate your votes and your time!
Laundry not included.

Spooked Yet?

Ready for something so cheap and easy you won't believe it? Something almost any age child can do if they can draw and use scissors?
Grab a pencil, printer paper, and scissors.
Snag yourself a minion or two.
The third is a little behind on his Economics homework.
Set the scene with a little chilling inspiration. Very little. This is like an inch tall.
Now just sketch a creepy ghost on the paper, leaving a corner in tact.
Cut out your creation and prepare to dominate the world with fear!
Or with weirdness. Depends on the kid really.
Horrifying, right? You have chills, don't you?
Yes! Madness inducing!
Add some tape loops to the back...
...and your house is being haunted!

Results may vary depending on the age of the child and what you're crazy enough to let them watch on TV.
Embellish as necessary.

Basically free decorations that have your little spawns' personality stamped all over them.
How did I get them to help? Are you kidding?
I had to finally make them stop and go to bed.

Thursday Thrills. Not a Drill This Time

Yep, it's really Friday Eve this time, and here's where I'm whooping it up today!

Life as
Jenny Matlock
 Beyond The
Picket Fence


Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So, did you notice the bat over there on the right?

He's kinda cool, huh?

Tana is a brand new blogger over at Birdseeds, and she created Hector the Bat. He's an HTML freebie to decorate your blog! Pop over, say hi, and get a little batty on your sidebar.

Guest Post on Craft Rookie

If you missed it, here's our guest post from last week on Craft Rookie:

Hi there! I'm really excited to get to meet you over here at Craft Rookie! Sunny from Life in Rehab here! Never heard of us? That’s okay, drop by anyway. 
We're a little different, admittedly, but we could end up being a guilty pleasure.
We’re a family of 5 over run by cats in a big historic South Florida house. We really amped up our productivity after a major house fire a little over a year ago, and we have a project, craft, or recipe for every skill level. Come on in and meet the crew.
My oldest son, Sammy, is an actor and a college student. 
When he isn’t cobbling together Death Rays or knocking out walls, he enjoys making indy films and sketching.
Hungry? How about a sweet bite prepared by youngest son, Thom? He does the cooking segment over here, Sweet Equations. 
He’s also great at demolition and always eager to learn a new skill. Thom is a Senior this year with his eye on a future in video game design.
The baby of the family is Savannah, a Sophomore at a magnet school with too many interests to funnel into a direction yet. 
She likes to sew and create her own patterns, design costumes, and perform on stage. And she swings a mean sledge hammer. She’d really love a role on Glee if any of you have connections.
My husband, Sam, is a math teacher who gets reluctantly dragged into my crazy ideas. For the most part, he's pretty patient about me deciding I know how to knock out a wall or yank out a window. He has some mad electrical skills.

We’re mostly known for projects that are upcycling or recycling related. (I make way too many things out of cardboard boxes.) Here's a sampling of what we've done this year:
These were ridiculously simple and made from cast off chandelier shades.
We took a 90's ceiling fan in dated brass...
...and gave it a breezy new look for $3!
How about a raised garden bed made out of cinder blocks for under $60?
A quick and easy patio in about an hour? Absolutely!
We'll show you how to make fun little beachy solar lights...
 ...and how to make planters out of unexpected things.
Yes, we're unfocused and all over the place!
But it's a lot of fun, and we'd love to have you join us.
Thanks, Dani, for having us as guests today!