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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Going Shopping

 We're about to give new meaning to the phrase, "Shop the House."
 Momma Kitteh knew what we had planned and wanted reassurance that she'd see us alive again.
After all, that can opener is tricky.
 Yes, it was time to venture into the Storage Unit.
 Stuffed to the gills, with our cook books and favorite cooking toys, not to mention my china and linens, wedged squarely in the back-back-back, everything had to go.
Two years without a creme brulee torch had been a challenge.
This is where all those hours of playing Tetris were finally justified.
 We hauled out Mom's sweaters, some family antiques that are passing to me, and I'll finally be able to set the table with something other than plastic.
New Year's Eve Puzzle:
Spot the wheelchair in the miasma.
We let her out, I promise.
A lot of this went back in,
but the mother of all yard sales is being devised.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Birthday Ideas

We took a day to clean out the back garden so we could do a little Spring planning.
We also needed some peppers for dinner.
Yep, we have stuff growing still.
This tropical lifestyle is tough.
When you're ready to plot, you need a good nursery for inspiration.
My choice to get serious is The Flamingo Road Nursery.
I admit, of course, that frilly things seduce me.
You know you've arrived when you venture under the bower of pigs.
After a tough 24 hours distributing gifts, Santa knows where to unwind.
I need one of these. Really.
Spend a few minutes helping me decide which orchid to torture next.

Perhaps a tiny tribute fot the garden?

Okay, tiny is relative.
I have no idea what it is.
But wouldn't it make a cool border plant?
Serious splashes of color.
One chair is all that's needed for some serious family togetherness.
I'm not sure how I feel about these.
I suppose they'd help you "face" your garden failures.
They make tons of custom decorations here.
All of this is 30% off if you're in the area.
I'm filing this away for next year.
The farmer's market was all decked out.
Beaded fruit trees, anyone?
Help me get these out to the Kia, would you?

I haven't gained a pound back over the holidays, and I'm not about to start now.
But the array of truffles was calling Savannah's name.
She selected a toffee-something and consumed it with the same expression
I used to reserve for gnawing on baby toes.
The woman has a tropical jungle planned for my yard.
Step away from the trees, Lady.
Butterflies and borders are a year round chore here.
The toil, oh the toil.
I love this stained glass piece over the butterfly house.
There's no shortage of ornamental pieces here to use as accents.
This project is in my future.
What a way to display succulents.

I had a serious case of the blues as we left,
mostly because all of the planning was on paper and in the camera.
The back of the Soul was empty.
But of course, Sunny Pritchard Version Five Point One is just around
the corner, and that means birthday gifts...
My mother is dead against buying me the plumbing supplies I asked for.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Say Good-Bye...

One last look around Chateau Inferno in all of her holiday finery...



The organization and packaging starts tomorrow!