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Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas in Rehab

 Christmas was just lovely, perfect, and very special. And maybe a little odd. We started the night before with the traditional Feast of the Seven Fishes done our way. Along with a nice salad, we served cornmeal fried oysters, a HUGE favorite of mine.
 We followed that with homemade bread and Cioppino, a light fish soup with mussels, snow crab, salmon, tilapia, shrimp, and cod. Totally delish, and were we ever stuffed!
After dinner, there was the opening of the Christmas Jammies! I outdid myself this year, seriously.
These were for Sam and Vannah, my Gleeks.
Then we enjoyed our annual viewing of A Muppet Christmas Carol, and I shoveled the children upstairs so I could get on with the stuffing of the stockings.
 Lollipops, games, dancing mice...
 ...candy canes and chocolate coal...
 ...and Life Savers canes for the emo kid with the mint aversion.
 The Feline Overlords and The Pack has surprises waiting for their furry butts too.
 A few scant hours later, I ran into Sammy in the hallway on a middle of the night bathroom run. He'd sensed me searching for my slippers and was waiting to pounce. Is he 19 or 5??? But the jig was up, the other two Minions sprang from their rooms, and I had no other choice than to haul the spouse out of bed, Glee pants and all.

 Good shots were impossible to get with these guys moving at vibration speeds.

 Dress socks. And yes, Beau Brummel is exceedingly pleased.
 Now, onto the couch and important things!
 Thom played Package Fetch while we tore our goodies open in an orderly fashion. One at a time. So we could enjoy the reactions.
Mom in her new jammies. No one is safe!
 I got a boxed set of chick flicks.
(Seriously, were you expecting Sex in the City???)
 Here's Sam with his new classic Star Trek Communicator.
Sammy with a year's supply of art stuff. Okay, yeah. He's 5.
 Smaller gifts like texting gloves and fedoras.
 Then the sewing machine and the PS3 appeared.
This year, the critter hats will be different!
 Light the fire and serve the cocoa, I have breakfast quiche in the oven, and then we'll play the rest of the day.
You have your traditions, we have the Simpson's "cold beer on a hot Christmas morning."
I don't think I had a shot at Mother of the Year anyway.
Dinner began with shrimp bisque finished with a touch of sherry.
 Sam's fabulous artisan bread.
 A smattering of begging.
 Roasted root vegetables with fresh herbs.
Sauteed mushrooms.
 And mustard and pepper crusted prime rib.
 REALLY rare.
And Yorkshire Puddings.
 One with beef fat for the carnivores.
One vegetarian friendly.
 Why do we only make this once a year?
 Finish that up with my chocolate gingerbread cake...
 ...and Sam's eggnog bourbon homemade ice cream, and you have a few extra walks around the block.

 For now, it's nap time.
Smidgen can handle tomorrow's blog post. At least that will be my testimony to the grand jury. 
So as the sun sets over Jack, the Pumpkin King...
...we at Rehab wish you all a Meowy Christmas...

 ...and a Nappy New Year.
 Wut? You're still here? That's it for today.
Unless, of course, you have tuna.