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Sunday, December 5, 2010

What's Blooming? Extreme Edition

Welcome to my favorite place to shop for the garden, 
The Flamingo Road Nursery.
Savannah needed sweet potato plants for a science experiment, and I wanted a little Norfolk pine for Mom's room at the nursing home, so persuading the gang to veer in was a cinch.
I love a place with well thought out threats.
Come on, I'll take you through the place.

Since we aren't fully decorated yet over here, you guys are blissfully unaware of my 
penchant for large tin animal sculptures.
This entire place is open air, and I recommend arriving in a truck.
Ohhhhhhhh, have I got the blues...

Orchids, buy one, get one half off. How does a girl decide???

Here's a handy carnivorous plant to help slash the mosquito population!

I am also a huge fan of water features. They lower your mental temperature 
on a hot summer day like nothing else.

This would make a dandy hedge around the house, don't you think?
Container choices...
I'll take THAT one!
...and that one, and that one, and that one, and...

There's also a lushly overgrown butterfly house, with these little lovelies wafting about.

(How to tell you're in the butterfly house. Handy, huh?)

There are DOZENS of these little sheds around the property doused in tropical colors, each containing a themed array of merchandise.
Um, yeah, my favorite.
Somebody go get a shopping cart.
Now to the north we have...

Hot sauce on a Christmas tree. I'm totally behind this idea.

Hunting in a baited field is just wrong.
But how can you resist the roaster garlic hummus after a few free sample. 
I'm surprised they didn't charge us for lunch.

We bid the mother of all lawn flamingos a fond farewell and went on our way, happily aware of what a glorious December day this was in South Florida.

Happy Sunday.


Beth @ Wiccan Make Some Too said...

Wow! Looks like an awesome place to shop. Love the sign about the kids.

Sharon@Keeninspirations said...

Oh Sunny, what a beautiful place to visit! Thank you for taking me along! The high up here today is supposed to be's 29 now and blowing a little bit of snow. Sometimes I miss south Florida! ;-)

My Mom's favorite tree was a Norfolk pine and my older brother gave her one when I was very young. She planted it in the middle of the front yard. It was still there when I visited the house in 2004. It was HUGE and all the bottom branches were cut off so that there was room to walk in the yard! :-)
Thanks for the tour and bringing back some memories!

Carol said...

I wanna visit that place... meet you there in 20!


Anonymous said...

Amazing!! It's definitely a pleasure for the eyes. We need one of those mosquito plants for during the summer. Thanks for the tagalong :)

MJ said...

Sun like that in December is always a treat :)

MJ said...

btw, you made the top 10 @ CSI project !

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Looks like 'gardners heaven' to would be worth a trip to Florida just to go here! What wonders.(-:

Tami / Maddie Lumpkin said...

Makes me miss summer here! Want to trade residences in January?

Olive said...

Orchid and threat love coming from here in freezing Georgia. merry♥O

Bambi said...

WOW!!!.....oooooh,...pretty,... thank you for the inspiration trip.

Erin said...

Gorgeous pics!

Unknown said...

What a cool place! And wow - that mosquito plant was awesome! What was it called? I need to buy my parents one of those thing for Christmas!

And I'm definitely not telling Tom about the hot sauce tree...