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Monday, February 28, 2011

Time to Get Growing!

 Sunday morning is brunch time at our house, and we plot the day's activities over 
Sam's amazing weekly menu.
Yesterday was chocolate chip banana bread french toast. Don't even get me started.
The men in my life decided they were going to clean the house and do the laundry, so Savannah and I planned out the raised garden bed for the new herbs and headed for Home Depot.
And lamented the lack of Durango. It took two trips.
 Our original plan was to buy some lumber and build a bed from scratch, but we found kits exactly the 4x4 dimensions we were looking for with all the supplies AND instructions on how much dirt we'd need, and after costing out parts and wood, they were actually cheaper! So into the car they went, along with blueberries, strawberries, and 24 bags of top soil.
My obliques are on fire today. But I'm not some frail middle aged woman.
 The design of this kit made it a breeze. All the parts were even pre-drilled.
I felt kinda spoiled.

 We put the first two sides together pretty quickly.

 And then we admitted the work surface we were using was too small and hauled it all into the living room.

 Okay, all assembled, now let's get it back outside.
Thom's mopping, and he's mildly annoyed.

 We built another box on top of the first.
 And a shorter one in front of that.
 Savannah was able to put on her Home Depot job application "knows how to use power tools."
 Then came the fun part, and the boys joined us for this.
 Line your beds with four layers of newspaper and wet it all down.
Gotta love free weed blocker.

 Divide your soil bags so you have the correct cubic feet for each container.
 Slice the bags open using your mother's Klingon tree saw, cackling maniacally like a serial killer. Note we are still in a sling from the painting incident.

 Spread out the soil. That's right, play in the dirt.
 Rake it out flat. Note: all the caps aren't on because the drill died, okay? It's charging.
I need some new tools. When is Mother's Day?

 Okay then, let's move the car back out front and get some plants!
 Um....why is that on the dashboard?
 Seems someone snuck in while we were unloading, and boy is Phat Stuff ready to disembark.

 Yeah, you'd better run. And you'd also better have not left me any surprises.
 Anyway, with Phat Stuff's assistance and a glass of pinot noir, the boys and I got all of the new plants in the ground, and I screwed the caps in place for a nice finished look.
 I marked everything clearly so that the chef can just walk outside and shop his new kitchen garden with ease.
 Okay, yes, I added a terra orchid for fun.
 Hello, gorgeous.

 This is phase one.
 We have two more projects for this area, but you can only get so much done in one day, right?
It's destined to have two more beds and a patio.
And of course you can help. Or just watch.
 But at that point, I hung up the gardening bag and just went out to enjoy.

 Are you about ready to join me in the yard?
We'd have good company, I assure you!
Relax, he's plastic. I just like freaking people out.

For everyone asking for more information on the garden beds, they are Greenes Raised Garden Kits from Home Depot, and they run about $30 each. We used three. You can visit their website at  
Greenes Fence Company.