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Monday, September 30, 2013

Inspiration Point: West Elm

 Often cited as the pinnacle of style, West Elm 
didn't disappoint this time either. 
We opened the door and were greeted by a friendly manager
and goodies galore.
 And lots of my favorite shades of blue.
 We were immediately taken by the dishes and accessories sporting
butterfly wing patterns
 Nature and organic, textured touches were obviously
the crux of their new line,
and I love a chance to bring the outdoors in.
Dustings of sparkle caught out eyes.
And they didn't limit your range with a small selection of colors.
 Breakables scare you?
How about some winged friends that add comfort and softness?

 (I still like the glitter.)
The parent in me loved this table.
Yes, it's compact with no corners.
Yes, it's a cool cage design.
But the concave bowl top made me think, hey, no Koolaid on the floor!
Samwow still drinks that stuff.
Oh, and it comes in colors!
 We were barely in the door.
 The creepy touches were wonderfully inspired.
 Who wouldn't fall in love with a silky little black owl?
 And here's something you'll see all week:
nearly every store we visited had a version of a branch candelabra,
but this was by far the very coolest.
And this anatomical dessert plate had my imagination whirling
towards an evil laboratory themed buffet.
While I was plotting, Savannah was making little squeaking noises
at the towers of colorful bowls with patterns
that caught the light.
 This capize shell chandelier just glowed with golden light,
transfixing my daughter and making her chirp,
"Can we make one?"
 This one, with a faux mercury glass effect, had me
circling it, studying, and loving the pure shimmer.
 I definitely liked it paired with this set of chairs with strung seats,
which were deceptively comfortable.
 While I was playing Goldilocks and trying out chairs,
Savannah found owls in a dizzying array.
 My coffee and tea aficionado was quite taken with the avian vessels.
 I think they've been mentally bookmarked.
 No room for a real tree this year?
Think ahead and nab this model.
Since it packs flat, if you'll be away on vacation,
you can still set it up at the resort and celebrate.
 I stood here for 5 minutes chanting,
"I can make this, I can make this, I can make this."
 Tired of run-of-the-mill holiday plates?
 I loved these.
 Try and resist the urge to match them too closely to your relatives at the table.
 They are not appropriate place cards.
I can think of several place to use these, but what great hooks for a nursery!
There's a whole zoo of them too.
 We decided to explore the bedding sections, but this chair stopped me cold.
I feel a long lasting relationship forming.
 Savannah found huge baskets that could stash a pony.
 And I found a bed so sumptuous and wallow-worthy
that I nearly succumbed to the temptation.
I glanced around warily, but I was being watched... these guys.
A great accent that's cruelty free, there's nothing something fun
about stylized heads that just perk up a wall.
 Savannah named the furry pillow Alfred and is plotting an adoption.
I was more interested in that plush, denim blue perch it was nestled into.
 And what have we here???
Has the pallet furniture craze become a commercial phenom?
Oh, Besties, I do believe so!
 Distressed details, naked nails, uneven wood tones and solid construction...
this smacks of pallet furniture, a very hot trend.
Not interested in building and have money to burn?
It's waiting for you to drag home and claim as your latest project.
West Elm is always good for fun, funky texture too.
Gotta love the basket weave vases here.
 And check these out!
 Asymmetrical, bubbly blown bits of goodness just
waiting for your creativity...
although they could certainly stand alone.
 How about this great, hand blown wall vase by the front door
overflowing with branches or sunflowers?
Oh, um, pallet fans...
...we thought this was a great way to warm up a wall and group your art easily.
Speaking of bubbly,
 Savannah found a lamp that matches her personality.
Almost weightless with very little visual clutter,
 this is a great choice for any style, any room.
 And then...
 we found the glitter!
 Look at this froth of sparkle!
 Draped simply in a vase, you'd have a centerpiece in seconds.
 Oh, and the branch theme continued, from shiny... organic... super chic and plain.
 "When something works, 'stick' with it."
Please complain directly to The Mini Minion on that one.
 Overall, we were totally enchanted by everything,
and we loved the non-traditional color uses to herald in the new season.
 We had more fun ahead as I was dragged past this rug,
making longing, whimpering noises.
 And we were definitely having more fun than Samwow.

Pottery Barn-a-palooza!