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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Anybody Seen the LIR Gang?

 What? We closed down? That's a filthy rumor!!!
 We are not amused.
 Worried, perhaps.
 Okay, maybe a little amused.
 But mostly confused.
 I mean, seriously, Besties, would we do that to you?
Leave without a word?
 We've just been crazy mad busy with the business of 
four adult lives in transition.
We'll fill you in, we promise.
In the meantime, the final reveal on Mom's house starts Monday...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Great Glitzy Hack PURPLE

I've been down with the flu.
 Too sick to even participate in my own Hack Off.
But did that stop you guys?
Oh heck no!!!
 On our latest trip to Z Gallerie, I spotted this gorgeous little place setting.
I fell madly in love.
Evidently, so did Gail from Purple Hues & Me!
 She made her own version using those luscious smelling cinnamon pine cones...
 ...Dollar Tree bleach...
 ...and so.much.GLITTER.
We like glitter.
 Lots of it.
And of course, the color she's known for, purple.
Like all the details on this luxe looking project?
Go visit Gail for the full tute!
And keep hacking, my Besties!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Great Glitzy Hack Off...and my Lame Contribution!

 Sure I've been busy.
 My level of crafting has taken a professional turn.
Yep, I have parlayed what I've learned into a living.
This was a kitchen yesterday.
 But did that stop me?
 Heck no.
 But in between, we're still working on this!

Dollar Tree skulls lightly misted with silver Rustoleum spray paint
...because that's how I roll.

I trotted out other predictable glitter elements.

I happen to like a little color with my Halloween!
Tomorrow, we're going to amp it up a bit with our evil laboratory.

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Great Glitzy Hack Off Begins!

 So who wants to start the Great Glitzy Hack Off?
 Yep, we're ready, and here's our fist super simple arrangement.
Owl get us started.!
I fell in love with these little feathered morsels at West Elm.
The twig candelabra was also inspiring,
so we got busy and shopped the house to combine owls and light.
In a cruelty-free manner, mind you.
We'll start with the light part.
A quick jar candle tucked inside a cylinder vase is an easy way to start.
And for filler?
This is very inexpensive wired ribbon from Dollar General.
Cut lengths of it...
...and crumple it slightly.
Wind it around the candle inside the cylinder.

I added twigs and sprays of shimmery silk Fall leaves to a vase.
Foe a crowning touch, my little Grumpulence Owls from last Winter reappeared!
There we go!
Now grab a button and show us what YOU did!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

We Still Interrupt this Blog

 We are undergoing Feline Overlord Issues!
 Put down your beverage for your own safety!
Please stand by...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We Interrupt This Blog...

We apologize, but LIR is taking a mental health day to get stuff done.

I think we all know how that usually ends up.