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Friday, October 4, 2013


 We've seen organic.
We've seen natural touches.
We've seen a little sparkle.
If you're still Jonesing for some glitz, this is your day,
because we're gonna wrap this week long shopping extravaganza
with the epitome of over-the-top glamor,
Z Gallerie!
 Put your sunglasses on, Besties, and keep your arms and legs
inside the ride at all times.

 Frankly, I'm not even going to bother explaining most of this.
Just don't drool on your keyboards, k?

 The whole place is a reflective surface.
Darn right there's gonna be a selfie or two.
 This was the most low key display we found,
 and even it's on a mirrored console.



 Why stop at candles, right?

Are you ready?
You have one week, People.
The Great Glitzy Hack Off starts October 14th!
Grab the button, warn your friends, and start hoarding glitter!
It's going to be a sparkling season.


Michelle L. said...

Oh, holy night. That was inTENSE. I know what I wanna make! Can't wait to see what you fabulous kooks get up to. thanks for the shopping trip, Sunny, I would never have had time to go, but that's why I have you.

Gail said...

You saved the best for last, Sunny! Z Galleried is my favorite of all the ones you visited. What a trip! And I do love your Great Glitzy Hack-Offs!