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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Great Glitzy Hack PURPLE

I've been down with the flu.
 Too sick to even participate in my own Hack Off.
But did that stop you guys?
Oh heck no!!!
 On our latest trip to Z Gallerie, I spotted this gorgeous little place setting.
I fell madly in love.
Evidently, so did Gail from Purple Hues & Me!
 She made her own version using those luscious smelling cinnamon pine cones...
 ...Dollar Tree bleach...
 ...and so.much.GLITTER.
We like glitter.
 Lots of it.
And of course, the color she's known for, purple.
Like all the details on this luxe looking project?
Go visit Gail for the full tute!
And keep hacking, my Besties!


Michelle L. said...

Gail's version is gorgeous! Off to check her post now. And ok, here's something I hacked (although not as glitzy as the pinecones).

I have been meaning to do a series on beaded sticks, and you had tons of pics of 'stuff on sticks' in your inspiration posts. The one that really made me go yeah! was some (Z-Gallerie) cool silver shishkebob skewers with veg on top. My series was finally going to happen, thanks to you, oh Great Glitzy One.

Sorry you are down for the count...poor thing! This year's flu is ugh, I hope you feel better asap.

Gail said...

Thanks Sunny for the feature! Your Hack Offs are so inspiring!!!