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Monday, October 7, 2013

The Warning Signs of Halloween

It's that time of year when spider webs loose their gossamer quality and become....
Candy gets a weird transformation as well.
Bag of blood anyone?
So while the dew in the silken structures overhead
was giving me the most delicious chills (I love a good scare!)...
...Savannah and I were at Deals, a Dollar Tree subsidiary,
picking up macabre goodies for the festivities at hand.
Allow us to ensnare you this week.
The house got decked over the weekend in all of our finery.
Essentially, we needed to see where we had space for some hacks!
So this week, we'll be doing some Roundups of LIR's past chilling projects.
We'll also show you a few of our fresh ideas.
But in no way are we showing our hands as far as our hacking plans!
That tidbit will remain secret!.
Okay, you know the rules:
choose an example from last week's Shopping posts, or use them to inspire you,
make it, post it on your blog, link it with my button, 
and leave a comment so we can all come and see!
Every couple of days, I'll swipe your photos and do a round up
of everyone's projects linking back to your blog!
With 1000 hits a day over here, it's a good opportunity to make some new friends
while you brighten up your digs.
Let's get to HACKING!!!
We certainly will be!
Now...we have a Shopping Alert to round this out.
This gorgeous, glittery pumpkin is from Deals.
With a spangled spider and a luxe web, it's a great addition to any display.
The best part, all this glitz is a frickin' steal at $3!
Surround it with your own glimmering gourds and you have a great centerpiece.
It also comes in other colors.
How big is it?
Our model, Samwow, is 6 feet tall, so pretty substantial in size.
No Deals near you?
I've got you covered, Besties;
They have online shopping too!
Now grab that button and let's get Spooky!


DogsMom said...

I want the t-shirt!

Heather Rodman said...

MOTHER OF GOD, PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEEEZE tell me that spider web was a fake!!!!

Life in Rehab said...

Sorry, Heather, that's one of our cuddly tropical banana spiders...5 inches wide and just so CUTE....NOT!