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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Inspiration Point: Pottery Barn!!!

 Okay, next on the list is Pottery Barn.
Before we go in, do yourself a favor:
get your wallet.
Do it now. Hand it to a small child and say, "Flush this for Mommy."
Give it to the dog and hope he buries it.
Close your eyes, open the door, and throw it in the hedges.
All of these options will give you the time you'll need
to come to your senses before you run out and buy everything on this page.
Hiding the keys won't help, you'll just go to the website.
 This is going to be an impossible exercise is self-restraint.
 I mean, impossible.
 You won't make it.
 You have no chance.
 And it's going to get worse.
 After handing the manager our business card and explaining why we'd be 
running amok in the store, Savannah and I started cutting a swath 
through the Autumnal goodness like Sherman through Atlanta.
Hey, I'm Southern.
I'm taking it back.
 Owls seemed to be pretty prominent, 
but texture and nature were the two main ideas we got.
 Ready to play?
Let's go!

 Was I delirious?

 I hope to God you've been hoarding corks.

 Lighted wicker pumpkin...

 Okay, why didn't I, the Queen of Vase Filler,
think of this?

Seriously, corks.
Throw them away and you get a demerit and no Pinterest access.
Pottery Barn was a feast of ideas and inspiration, as always.
I'm in love with the store on a deep, meaningful level.
And they're kicking off the holidays in the grandest of style, don't you think?


Musings from Kim K. said...

I think I've died and gone to heaven. The pottery barn closed near our house. It's probably a good thing. I can see where my paycheck would be.

Joy said...

I love it! And I am seeing so many things I want and great ideas for things I already have. I am heading on over to the website right now.