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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Inspiration Point: Crate & Barrel

 "Hi, I'm Sunny Pritchard, and I run a home blog called Life in Rehab. 
Do you mind if we trundle through your store and take pictures of, well...
 Foolishly, no one ever does.
 What's this?
A new designer?
Please tell us more!
Evidently, Paola Navone has been inside my head.
I have found the one woman on the planet more addicted to
 blue and white than The Redhead.
 Her seaside sensibility is simple...
 ...but the details make it.
I told you guys it doesn't all have to be about orange and brown.
 I have dragged out of someone else's garbage new dining chairs, and Besties,
THIS is the color I'm going with!

 I like the plates on the wall, but I somehow think
Samwow's attempts to use them would result in food all over my floor.
Genius? Sure he is.
Practical? No, he's not.

Tell me these wouldn't be great for your hot cider with a huge pour of cinnamon schnapps?
I'd even do orange for these.
LOVED them.
 Savannah was crushing hard on the latte mugs.
Simple with muted colors, their style is seasonless.
What a great name for a color!
 This picture does no justice to these pieces, which were glittering
in the sun like the coast of St. Thomas.
I seriously covet them.
 If you're a regular, you've seen these dishes before.
I adore them.
We eat a lot of Asian food, always with chopsticks,
and Thom has schooled us on perfect dining etiquette. 
(He actually rolls his own sushi with precision.)
I think these may have to be stuffed in his Hope Chest.
 Okay, my color fetish just got stroked.
I want these.
 As I snapped pics of those, Savannah started making excited noises
and this is what she was pointing at.
Vegetarians like their tomato sauce, and she is hinting that these need to be hers.
 Berries are a great burst of bright hues for Fall...
...and this is an arrangement anyone could master, skillz or no.

 No, I have no idea what I'd do with it.
I'd think of something though, trust me.
 Let's just wander, shall we?

Sometimes, good ideas just don't need a soundtrack.

 I'd like this in the entryway.
I'd need a new entryway, mind you.
Must acquire.

 HERE'S your placecard holders.

And why shouldn't your dining room sport herringbone???
Give me one good reason!

 (Hack. Gonna make them. I am.)

 Is this a child's chair?
The scale would suggest it.
 Well, my child is in it, but no, it's just an attention-grabbing piece
that really makes a serious statement!
 We were pretty worn out by then, so we popped over to our favorite gourmet 
Mexican eatery...
 Cantina Laredo, and were greated with a few of their Autumn goodies!
 Sure, fresh chips with two kinds of salsa...
...but I think the Crabcake Benedict was worth the indulgence.
We sat at the bar and split it.
We were stuffed.
Couldn't even consider the hot cinnamon apple pie.
Good thing, too, because Williams Sonoma was our next stop!


Heather Rodman said...

Ooo, ooo! The "color fetish" picture, the napkin rings? You can make those!

Life in Rehab said...


Heather Rodman said...

*Hee hee* I'd love to...but I'm buried as it is! Still intend to do those jellyfish lights...perhaps winter will be kinder than this summer n' fall have been, so far! ;)