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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Let There Be Light! And Some Pumpkins

 Get your motors running, Besties, the Great Glitzy Hack Off is days away!
How easy is this?
Super simple.
 Take one of our inspiration photos from last week's shopping extravaganza...
 ...and make it your own!
 Suit yourself.
It doesn't have to be exact.
 It has to be YOU.
 I did this little arrangement on my antique steamer trunk coffee table.
 I added apple cinnamon candles because I love the glow of flickering light in the evening.
 This is all on a raised cinnabar hued tray from Home Goods so it can be 
whisked away for Movie Night, Minion Gaggle Gaming, or Mom's Killer Nachos.
 Most of my little glazed beauties are from Dollar Tree.
 No one said this had to be expensive.
 I also scattered a $1 bag of silk leaves in for texture, and Ned Starked beheaded some sunflower
bushes to add to the mix.
 Now mind you, this was assembled by shopping the house.
There is not one new item in this hot mess.
A zero budget is still a hack.
 A little height adds some visual interest.
Now get busy!
Grab the hack button!
You have 6 days before the competition begins!
We're going to do this for two weeks, and at the end,
ONLY my readers (not me) will be eligible for....
Your choice of ANYTHING from my Etsy Store, Tropiglam!
Now are you inspired?
Find your inner glitter!

1 comment:

Michelle L. said...

gotta get going...argggh. Love your arrangement!