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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Inspiration Point: Williams Sonoma

 Wait...why are you outside?
 Come on in!
Have we got treats for you!
 These folks know how to throw a party.

 Oh yes, it's a cake!
The pan to whip this up is of course available.
 And what better to serve a slice of skull on than these dastardly dessert dishes?

A little punch with your cake?
I smell a theme. could easily go all out cranial for your soiree.
And what a fabulous way to light an outdoor table.

 I'd wear this spiffy apron year round.
But I'm not a well woman.

 This makes a fun hostess gift for three reasons:
these are the first two...
...and the pumpkin loaf pan is definitely the third!

No Zombie eyes???
 I am truly abysmal at lattice crusts, so I always top my pies with cookie cutter shapes.
These folks have perfected my trick!

 Some things just need no captions, huh?

 I have a hard crush on these glasses...
maybe when Thom the Destructor moves out?

 Unwrap them.
Claim you made them.
I will not tell.
 Savannah and I both circled this tin, dying to try the confection.
 Unfortunately, we weren't the only ones.

 The next time you make our Pumpkin Bread...
 ...or our Guiltless Tropical Pineapple Cake, you need one of these pans.


 This is definitely being added to the cutter collection.
 And what better spatula to remove the cookies from the baking sheet?

 Vanilla samples?
If you aren't up to making your own
these smell fabulous and will give your baking an edge.

We had a marvelous time!
Frankly, this is one of the few places I registered when I got married.
That's how much I love it here.
If you've never been...GO.

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