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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Something We're Thankful For

Sometimes, life teaches you lessons you don't expect.
 "Man plans. God laughs."
 Like being told at 50 that you're not leaving the hospital.
Then being told 2 months later that you're disabled.
Then hearing a few weeks ago that you've beaten the odds and can go out and play.
The Redhead has been cleared medically.
You're looking at a woman who is now in a suit and heels again
as an Account Executive for a major global corporation in the sales division.
Why didn't I listen to my original diagnosis and give up?
 I had a couple of good teachers.
These two guys have autism, and their prognoses were bleak.
 Thom would never speak, bond with me completely, or be potty trained.
 Neither of them would have sufficient social skills.
 Samwow would have difficulty making friends.

We didn't buy a minute of it.
 I never gave up on them, but more importantly, they never gave up on themselves.
And we had a very special evening Tuesday that proves their efforts.
 That blur on center stage is Thom.
He's rushing across stage to light his candle... be inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, the college honors fraternity.
The boy has a 3.78 GPA.
And I clearly heard him say his pledge.
Disabilities only limit or define you if you allow it.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Grab This

 Safety bars.
Solid steel reassurance in a slippery environment.
Have you ever wanted to add one to your tub or shower,
but you didn't know how to do it yourself,
and the estimate from the local handydude was 5 times the price of the bar?
 I've got your backs, Besties.
Allow The Redhead to show you how.
 First, determine where you want your bar.
Make sure there is a stud behind each end.
 Granted, since I helped build the bathroom, I had a distinct advantage here.
 Use a level to make sure you have the, okay?
 Use a pencil to mark the hole placement.
 Tool Time, Besties.
These hot little gadgets are tile bits, specially designed to
go through your ceramic without shattering it.
 You're only going to drill until the bit is through the tile though.
Don't get crazy on me here.
 Do you know this fun little trick for loosening and tightening bits in a drill?
Reverse the direction and hold the chock, then start the drill.
 Out comes your bit!
 Insert the new bit, reverse direction again, and repeat to tighten it.
Pretty slick, huh?
You'll save some serious time too.
 These are wood screws.
 Position your screw and tighten it.
You knew that already, huh?
And no, pilot holes are not necessary.
These will go in all by themselves. 
 Go ahead, do the other ones.
Mom will now be safe in the shower.
Unless discarded pet alligators come up out of the sewer.
Yeah, like you don't have an irrational fear.
We'll show you a couple more goodies on the punch list, and then seriously...
wanna see the whole house?

Sunday, November 17, 2013