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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kitchen Pornography

Back in the good old days (you know, back in the day, when I was young. I had an onion on my belt,
which was the style at the time. Name that reference!), when we were planning a project,
 we spent months clipping magazine articles and piling up tons of glossy paper.
 I'm so happy there's an interwebs now, although my husband wonders why I 
keep labeling my files "Porn."
 This refrigerator alone answers that question.
I'd so ruin the finish rubbing against it.
In the showroom.
I get in more trouble like that.
"Security, there's a middle aged redhead in housewares licking the toaster ovens.
 Sure, this is a little like being trapped in a Granny Smith apple, but I liked the extreme 
drench of color just as a springboard.
 Dinner tonight will be anything Tuscan. Break out the white beans.
 Chateau Inferno is 2300 square feet; I think this kitchen is bigger.
Still, this is details on two legs.
The base relief islands and chandeliers have me in a tizzie.
I'm moving into this pantry!
I could can on an industrial level with this baby.
Too formal for me, but the exposed stone wall is to die for.
 I have a thing for chandeliers in unexpected places, although
this one doesn't need painting or anything.
I didn't know they came like that.
 Simple is brilliant.
This little solution would be under $10.
Spend another $10 and be able to find all of your baking dishes.
Maybe they won't be broken either.
 If you can't hang them, this would sure work.
 And I could stare at it for hours and hours...
 I'd like to order this view, please.
Does it require assembly?
 Oh. God. The floors.
I must make these from pallets. I must.
The mix of finishes and styles that flow into each other is my kind of thing.
I like the unexpected.
And I like the boost of courage this affords to not be too matchy-matchy.
 The lighting? Fabulous.
The cabinet colors? Stunning.
The opportunity to slide across the floor in a button down, Wayfarers, and your socks to Bob Seger?
Hand me my hairbrush/microphone!
 The backsplash.
 The backsplash.
 The backsplash.
 The backsplash.
Have I mentioned the backsplash?
Hold me back!
There's nothing here that I don't love.
Do I smell spray paint?
This should be my ceiling.
A version of this treatment is definite.
What screams "beach" like pressed tin and beadboard?
Those pendant lights are vases waiting for my glass drill bit.
Look at that pot rack!
I need to haunt the plumbing department for a while...
 I'm not a fan of galley kitchens, but the exposed beams and flow are inspired.
I'd still want somewhere to sit.
 I WISH I could open doors and drawers and see what's going on 
behind the scenes in this one, don't you?
 Blue and polished chrome...I need a moment to myself.
 THIS is close to perfection...
just like my husband.
(One trip to The Habitat for Humanity Restore coming up!)
 That island looks like something I'd do, and I'd like to think that's a good thing.
The corbels on this island?
Honestly, this cooking wall is just delicious!
Pies, cakes, cookies, island mac 'n cheese and 
a full wildebeest with an apple in its mouth would fit in here at once!
Thanksgiving? Child's play.  
 I have toyed with a custom wall that houses the stand mixer and the like.
What would be more perfect than barn sliders to make it all vanish?
Look at the screen door leading to the pantry.
The pass through is darned handy too.
"I said green chilis. This is salsa verde."
 I often think I have a Ringling Brother's sense of color use, and this is ME.
Give me a pallet that's a sun drenched day in Jamaica.
You'd have to be happy in this kaleidoscope.
 I know, I know, it's outside.
I still want it.
And there's the shelving I want!
Somewhere for my mixing bowls and custom spice blends.
Some glittery glass tiles would put them in the spotlight.

So which photo did you scroll up to repeatedly?
What would you do?
Better yet, what have you DONE, and what would you advise me to avoid?
Let's do this together, shall we?
There's a margarita in it for you.


Sherri B. said...

So many great ideas, I am forwarding to my son-in-law as he is giving daughter a new kitchen....thanks! - I want that fridge...bad!!!

Dharma said...

Did you say "backsplash"? This is serious eye candy for a morning coffee break, thanks Sunny. I have come to the conclusion that is probably a good thing we are 3000 miles apart. I'd hate to have the Appliance section workers removing 2 of us for licking the toaster ovens :)

That fridge? I die.

JC said...

OMG! I love one with the green barstools! Kind of looks like a french provintial/country kitchen! Where did you find it?!

Deb said...

The funniest part of this post is that half of these photos are on MY Kitchen pinterest board too LOL!:)

Sonja said...

STOP! You're KILLIN' me!!!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

that first image with that huge fridge is perfect! any idea where I can find one?

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