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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Motion is Tabled

My friends all know the score.
When you see something good on the side of the road,
or you're tossing an item out yourself,
bring it here.
This sad little table arrived under such circumstance.
Galvanized metal with an inset attached glass top,
it was sturdy and had great curves.
The details on the legs and feet had potential.
For these little flourishes to shine though, we'll need to tape up the glass on both sides.
I'm thinking...
Rustoleum Satin Aqua.
(Ever wonder what to do with those plastic Dollar Tree party tablecloths after the soiree?)
Three light coats of this will give the piece the color of St. John's Bay.
Now to get crazy.
I put together a pile of the following:
Goop or any silicone adhesive
Flat backed glass marbles in green, clear, and shades of blue
Aqua and silver fine glitter
A few plastic angel fish beads.
Maybe a starfish or two.
Varied Ooooooo, Shinies!
Rip the newspaper off the table and flip it upside down
on a work surface.
Add a healthy glop of Goop to the back of the angel fish.
Then create a happy little school swimming merrily along.

Add a few clear marbles drifting up from the fish like bubbles.
Add more marbles, sea glass, beads and shells to create an ocean floor.
Fill it in nicely for effect.
Add some more Goop to fill the gaps and sprinkle silver iridescent glitter
over the "ocean floor."
Draw some currents around your school and dust them with aqua glitter.
Currents left clear will add a subtle look, trust me.
After all of this grueling work, you deserve a break.
Allow this to dry for several hours.
Add more marbles or stuff first if you feel like it.

Do some weird close up shots and email them to Uncle Murray,
the guy with plaid pants and a hula girl on his dashboard.
Have your son hold the table over his head to get a really strange shot.
Four hours later, even my mother liked it.
Brush off the excess glitter.
Tone it down from yard trash to yard art.
Definitely no longer dull and gray.
Suggested beverage pairing:
zero calorie sparkling blackberry water.
This will look great by my pool.
Would anyone like to help me get the pool out of the box and blow it up?


Kris said...

Fabulous! Have table for the beach! Nice.

Michelle L. said...

Love this little thing! Beads and fishies underneath the glass - so smart and fun!

lisbonlioness said...

I agree with Mich, as usual- brilliant to stick all them critters under the glass. And the glitter is the cherry on top :D Why don't I find stuff like this??

Anonymous said... have an army of minions...I mean blow up your pool!!

Love the table!!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

So pretty! That was a great find and makeover!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

I've been busy and missed this! You've been busy making awesome things! This is one of my new favorites! I love it!

Karen L. said...

Love, love, love this table! So happy to have found your blog!