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Monday, June 11, 2012

Right on Target

 Nothing inspires a good Summer freshen-up like a little window shopping.
After fetching Savannah from blowing her ACT exam out of the water
on Saturday, Sam, The Daughter and I popped by our local Super Target 
for some odds and ends and ideas.
Bright colors?
Don't mind if I do!
It seems my taste is all the rage now.
 Berry basket bowls?
I loved the idea, even took a set on a tour around the store in my cart,
but I couldn't think what I'd serve in them.
 Let's play a game, Target:
you mark these down, and we'll see how many will fit in my car.
 I'll even fill in any spare space with these.
 This DID go in the car.
Setting the table is a breeze when the kids can haul it all
to the table at once.
And I'm pretty sure I have this color in spray paint.
 The garden section made me want to decoupage like a fool.
This would definitely go on the coffee table filled with flowers.
What 17 year old doesn't love gnomes?
And Starbucks.
 I...I...I need this. 
I don't know why.
But I do.
 I'm just going to take shots of these and pass them off
next week as What's Blooming.
 I MIGHT get her out in the garden with these.
 I'd be afraid to get them dirty.
 Does this set have matching accessories?
But of course.
On clearance, no less.
 We hung out here a little too long.
I think there may be gnomes in her gift receiving future.
 Someone explain the owl thing to me, please.
 Put those back.
  We can totally make these.
 If I had room for even a tiny bit of furniture in that yard, I'd be watching for a sale on this.
I love the light.
I love the color.
I need my own version of this for sure.
Now that I'm vibrating with creativity, what shall I do?
Swoop into the Dollar Tree for some kitchen towels.
We're doing a patriotic thing.
Using a big painted basket, fold the towels to fit.
I may reline this later.
The Dollar Spot at Target had these little sand buckets;
five came home with me.
Place a small jar candle in each one.
I filled three small white bowls from my tablescaping stash
and scattered a few shells in them.
The pepper mill and Summer salt shakers
went on a heavy pedestal I scored at Goodwill ages ago,
and they were joined by another candle bucket
for interest and height.
Some of the buckets were pierced.
I was tempted to just get those.
The variety was irresistible though.
Simple and beachy, this ran me $8 in new goodies.
Makes you almost want to say The Pledge of Allegiance before dinner, eh?
I think I need to add some sand to the bowls though.
MAYBE some sea glass...I can't be stopped!

 Maybe some small flags...
Hummel figurines...
Royal Dalton dogs...
Chinese luck cats...
spare Barbie parts...
Hot Wheels cars...
okay, I can be stopped.


Heather said...

I eyed some of those Target berry baskets myself the other day. Oh so cute, but I really couldn't think of a use for them, other than a blog post...and I'm not going down the route!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Looks like I need a Target fix! Lots of fabulous eye candy!!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

How fun! I haven't been to Target since they put all of their summer stuff out! I need to go! Love your candlescape! Can't wait to see what you do with all that inspiration Target gave you!