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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Form Removal and Vandalism

When last we left our intrepid Rehabbers, the slab was poured,
 and The Redhead did a last pass with the scree after 10:00.
At Night.
In the dark.
Sporting butterfly print sleep shorts from Walmart and a tank top..
But it was done, and it was GOOD.
I had toyed with adding a "Wow!" factor, like pressing palm fronds
and river rock into the concrete, but as I stood there in the dark,
pruners in hand, being eaten by the mosquitoes that lurk
in the tropical night, I opted for unconsciousness and crept up to pass out. 
Everything would have been just fine...
 ...but I allowed THIS to come over.
 We adored Belle; she was all puppy, and sweet as can be,
 the giant hole she dug in my flower bed not withstanding.
Revenge, however, was being plotted by those who did not find Belle so engaging.
And, well...
 Revenge was swift and not too subtle.
 The perps left multiple prints at the crime scene.
 How widespread is it?
 Oh...kinda everywhere.
But this gave me a great idea for a future project.
 Right now, let's get this puppy out of its form.
 This is easy.
Remove all the screws from the wooden boards that wrap the slab.
Most of the pieces will pull away from the concrete easily.
You may need a rubber mallet to "encourage" a few stubborn pieces to let go.
We did need a crow bar on one particularly belligerent board,
but no blasting powder was necessary.
Thom and blasting powder...
I just saw my life pass before my eyes.
Nice, huh?
 Take the form apart as little as possible.
We broke this down to straight shots so that it was ready for the next 
project to save time. You can always break it down further later
if that suits your needs.
It's growing on me.
 Clean up a bit, add furniture...
...and enjoy!
 We do have a lot more to do, but for now, we're going to kick it and gloat.
 And The Redhead is going to fuss over details.
 Coming soon...the fate of this leftover PVC pipe.
For now, I'm going to go chill in that chair, sip on some
I Can't Believe It's Not Wine! and wait for the oven timer to announce dinner.
Grab a glass and join me.
This evening's libation selection is sham-pagne.
If you can't stay, I'll see you tomorrow, and have your grubby
work duds on.


Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Ive come to the conclusion that there is nothing you and your family cant do :) Why not add some concrete stain to the little paw prints and pretend you "totally did that on purpose?"

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Oh that turned out just lovely! How nice to have your own colorful space! Still lovin that dragon fly table too!

Michelle L. said...

Sunny, the paw prints are absolutely fabulous! I mean, this is Chateau Feline Overlord! You should have thought of it yourself.