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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bucket Dollar Tree List

We've been busy with an odd assortment of things around here.
Like taking self-portrait photo bombs of that last 10 pounds that needs to 
come off my 51 year old butt.
Like deciding if I'm really thin enough to legally wear plaid.
Smidgeon is working on talking me out of it.
I rarely take fashion advice from a Feline Overlord that wears that much eyeliner.
Trampy little cat.
There's a reason you're fixed.
We had a classic Memorial Day feast.
By classic, I mean there were also homemade black bean burgers for the vegetarians.
We'll call this a George Washington.
Somehow, a Napoleon just seems wrong for a patriotic dessert. 
While making up a couple batches of my killer gumbo,
I decided to try a little trick I've seen online.
And yes, celery does regrow.
See that green popping up in the center?
The future cradle of post-calculus class peanut butter.
The trash from a fresh fruit salad led to new plants.
Honeydew, anyone?
My heirloom yellow pear tomatoes loved their new home...
...a rusted ornate table base sprayed aqua and topped with a salvaged brass sundial.
The Dollar Tree has some fun things right now,
like these solar lights disguised as rocks.
What a great way to add just a touch of light to a raised bed.
These guys made me all tingly.
Don't be deceived by their innocent appearance-
they're hanging planter hooks.
The heck with plain metal, bring on the load-bearing seahorses!
But my favorite steal by far are these brightly hued sand buckets
with rope handles.
They're sturdy.
They're classic.
And if you drill a few holes in the bottoms,
they're my new favorite planters!
Don't put any pressure on the drill;
let the bit do all the work and you won't crack the plastic.
I'm not sure what we were trying to show you with this shot...
"This clearly illustrates the difference between holes and no holes."
Sometimes, I even confuse myself.
Fill the bucket with dirt.
A layer of packing peanuts on the bottom will help with drainage
and lighten it up, which is good if you're hanging them,
which we are.
Let's add a little shot of foliage to this soiree.
Plant something.
Hang it.
I really like the playful, beachy look.
Think how these would look as centerpieces for a luau.
For a dollar, they sure beat those dark green plastic bowls most hanging
arrangements come in.
Grab $6 and go Summer up the patio.


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

As usual....thanks for the morning smiles and I love those bucket pots! Yay for color!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I have to get to my Dollar Tree and what 10 more pounds? You look amazing, lady!! Yes, even in (totally legal) plaid!

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

I agree, wear the plaid :) You're lookin' fabulous my dear! I really like the bucket/planter idea too. SO much fun for a summer party centerpiece.

Unknown said...

1. you look super cute in plaid
2. squeeee!! they got buckets in color now?
3. hahahaha dang trampy cat :)

Anniegi said...

Yeah, you rock the plaid!
Another great post & I hate to admit it
but your Dollar Tree's better than mine.