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Friday, September 21, 2012

Bark, Silk, Glass and Felt

This week, I've been concentrating on adding light to Chateau Inferno.
We're going to finish up today with a couple of earthy takes
and change a tabletop in the dining room.
We'll start with the usual cylinder vases.
Quit that yawning back there.
Add a Dollar Tree vase in the center with a pillar candle.
No one's in total shock yet, right?
Now, pull out that Ziplock back of wine corks you've been hoarding.
Even my alcohol removed vino comes with a cork.
Fill the space between the vases with the corks.
Corks have a nice earthy feel to them.
They also naturally leave spaces for light to shine through.

If you shop the house and have been saving up your supplies, this one rings up at zero.
Now the next one you're going to be subjected to is also inexpensive.
I'm using silk leaves since our leaves down here don't change.
But you folks in climates with those "Seasons" thingies I've heard so much about,
feel free to walk outside and get real leaves for yours.
Drop them in gently, letting the corners snag on each other.
You want the leaves in a thin layer.
That way, when you light the pillar, the light will glow not only through
the spaces, but through the leaves themselves,
like stained glass.
I've also used palm fronds, ferns, and tropical foliage for this.
The double walled hurricane means you aren't starting a bonfire on the buffet.
So let's see...nice natural bark corks... leaves, all in glass.
Where's the felt, you ask?

Right here.

You ran right out and got those cut felt placemats at the Dollar Tree
last weekend, didn't you?

Scatter six of them over the top of your antique ice box in the dining room.
Position all that sparkling glass and turn those cheesy wiener roll ups you
have slated on tonight's menu into cuisine with the touch of a match.
Why save candlelight for occasions?
Make every night a little special.
The fun part?
See how quickly they all notice.
Suddenly, that pea fight doesn't happen 5 minutes into dinner.

Next week we'll be starting a Glitzy Autumn Craft Off,
so get that glitter out and let's make our season SPARKLE!


Unknown said...

I love the one with the leaves- thank you for the inspiration!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Wow! I love both of those candles! It kind of scares me that you know I'm hoarding corks!!

Michelle L. said...

The trio looks so good together! Dang, didn't notice those placemats - I need to see if any are left. Cheesy wieners? Yum!