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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Going Shopping

 Okay, I have a confession to make:
 there will be no shopping today.
Why, you ask?
Why are the shoes not headed out bargain hunting?
The answer is simple...
 ...the sandals have company for the weekend.
You remember this guy.
You, seen his kitchen, he's helped us convert a patio into a deck, he's built a raised bed
(he'd seen my yard and had total garden envy),
and he showed us how to build an ornamental bridge from scratch. 
 That's right, my best friend, Michael, is down from New York with his 
charming bride, and the four of us are gallivanting a tad.
While our spouses were working, the two of us hung at the pool at a posh
hotel in gorgeous downtown Miami.
Life is tough, isn't it?
A pool on the 8th floor no less,
with mango coladas,
which were just as fabulous without the  coconut rum, I assure you.
 So if anyone's going to the craft store, pick me up a couple of things, will ya?
I'll wait right here in the cabana.
 This is a public enclave on the street.
That's right.
Grab a Starbucks, bring a book, and just settle in to rest your sensible walking shoes.
You can watch the models strut by in their Jimmy Choos.
 If they don't make you feel short, this will.
 Soak up the sun and the scenery to your heart's content.
 This is the ceiling in valet;
plate glass with water running over it.
The shadows it cast were fantastic.
 I have lucky bamboo in my bathrooms.
This looks luckier.
 I'm going to order a little flatbread with prosciutto and heirloom tomatoes.
Can I get anyone anything?
 A little slice of Biscayne Bay visible from the pool bar.
 You'll forgive me if I leave the hot glue at home and just wave down 
Paulo, the pool boy from the jacuzzi?
Going to South Beach.
If not back, avenge death.
...and oh, what a way to go!


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Oh so envious!! Enjoy! And that bridge your friend built was so very awesome!

jane said...

Have fun! Is this the Marriott Biscayne Bay, by ant chance? Stayed there on my maiden Miami voyage. Oh how I am in withdrawal from your fabulous city!