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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hit the Lights, Will ya'?

 Sometimes, it's the little things that have the biggest impact.
The details are the jewelry your house wears.
 My tall silver buffet lamps had melted in the fire like tin soldiers.
A couple of years ago, I took a couple of Walmart clearance lamps meant for the dorm room
and made them fit my colors with a little spray paint and trim.
It was simple, and I liked it, at least well enough to live with them for a while.
Hey, the bases were $3 and the shades were $1.50.
 But after a while...
 ...with the holiday season upon us, this is a detail that needs attention.
 I bought two pairs of these simple fabric shades at Dollar General,
one pair in black and one in navy.
Quick fix, two minutes, and we have a completely different, more tailored look.
Okay, that's it, we're done.
No, really.
We're not doing anything else.
Why are you looking at me like that...?
Okay, fine, there may or may not have been some bling involved.
This is one of the best embellishments ever.
 Bling on a Roll is available at Michael's.
It's a simple peel and stick trim that's great for boxes, vases,
hurricanes, and yes, lampshades!
I think these swirls of silvery glitter will make my shades stand out a tad more
without overdoing it.
How easy is this?
Peel the trim off of the plastic backing.
 Set it on target.
 Smooth it down.
 Yeah, I'm totally serious!
 You can perk up an old shade or accessory in minutes, give it a shimmery look
 for the holidays, and then peel it right off later!
You know me and commitment...
 NOW we're talkin'.
 However, it doesn't take bling to make a difference.
Remember I also bought navy shades?
Ms. Savannah is redecorating, going to a more adult look.
 These lamps were in Savannah's nursery.
The pink worked through her childhood, but when she hit the teen years,
and chains started appearing on her jeans,
along with bright blue hair,
I redecorated her room and gave these a make over.
 I took the same $1.50 shades, hot glued wild purple fringe to the bottom,
and scattered them with dimensional wooden stickers in a rock theme.
The candlesticks got a bath in shiny black gloss,
 and we had lighting fit for my Little Goth Princess.
 And my daughter knew I embraced who she was completely.
 Have you noticed that the college girl is all muted shades,
tank tops, and cargo shorts now?
Changes happen.
And the environment needed a tweak as well.
(Oh yeah? What does YOUR work area look like during a project???)
 The lamps are still shapely and cool in form, so let's just change the wardrobe.
 Later, rocker chick.
 Using kitchen plastic wrap, protect the electrical parts and cord.
 Outside with them!
We're going to do a total 180 here.
 Three coats of gloss white later, and we have brand new bases.
 Just pop on the new shade, and we have a conservative, preppy look.
 The new bed linens are in the background, 
so you can see how well it all coordinates.
 How about that...we did something conservative!!!
Not bad for a couple of hours one afternoon, eh?
A new look for all 4 lamps was only about $25.
Try buying a lamp for that.
Remember, if you're shopping a thrift store to start,
just look for form and functioning electrical,
not the metal or color.
The final look has only the limits you give it.


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Super! I have never seen that bling on a roll stuff, but I'll be checking it out next time I hit Michaels! I really gotta get out more!

Michelle L. said...

Love the blingy ones, and the Savannah's-Lamps-Through-the-Decades feature is so fun. I complement the documentary crew that has been living with you for years. The navy lams: veddy, veddy chic!

Michelle L. said...

Um, that was supposed to be lamps, not lams. It's early.

Unknown said...


Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

You know Im a sucker for Navy blue and white :)

lisbonlioness said... I need more lamps. You and Mich together are just KILLING me!
The Rock Chick lamp is pretty much amazeballs, but I can't see those fringes survive for much longer than 5 seconds in my house. Damn cats! But the embellishments together with the classy- looking black shades are an absolute WIN for my cat- infested bunker. And just to freak you out- do you think I could recreate that look of clack cheesecloth of those shades with cheap pantyhose? Seeing as I have no Dollar General? Or Michaels, which SERIOUSLY annoys me, as I am really crushing hard on those embellishments. Them together with the ornament from Mich's post... DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!