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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Allow Us to Brooch the Subject

We all love flea markets, Goodwill, and yard sales, right?
One thing I look for is impossible, over the top costume jewelry.
Not the kind I'd wear~at least not since the 80's~but that class of baubles in
 realistic metal tones crusted with gems.
Now if I have no intention of wearing it, what am I going to do?
Grab a nice mug of cocoa and let's talk.
First, if you haven't already spritzed a pile of Dollar Tree pumpkins in reflective
chrome paint, go ahead and do so.
We'll wait. It dries fast.
It only takes a couple coats.
Take small silk maple leaves, place them in a shallow box...
...and give them the same treatment.
Take a little silver glitter...
...outline the leaves in white glue...

...sprinkle on the glitter, and shake off the excess when dry.
Hot glue one leaf to the tip of an 8" length of heavy gauge silver wire.
Glue two more leaves pointing away from each other at 45 degree angles
just below the top leaf.

Curl a length of wire around a pencil~
is anyone else getting a weird sense of deja vu?~
leaving a small tail and drag it off the pencil still curled.
Now to assemble.
Grab yourself a glittering spray of fakery.
I used one in silver with a galaxy of diamonds and amber gems.
Insert the pin from the brooch into the foam pumpkin.
Poke the leaves and the wire spiral in near the stem, bend to arrange,
and guess what?
You're done.
Yeah, that's it.
This little brooch was scored at a church bazaar for $1 because
there's a stone missing.
Did I care?
Not so much.
This piece was so latge no other embellishments were needed.
Even I know when to quit.
So if yesterday's beaded babies looked a little troublesome and messy,
grab Great Aunt Millicent's stash and glam a gaudy gourd in minutes.
This was simple as can be, and Faberge' has nothing on us!

Right, I've gone too far with that one.

 Speaking of over the top, that arachnid ring Z Gallerie had me wanting to shell out cash for?
Thanks to Gail at Purple Hues and Me, there's no reason to run out and buy one!
Check this out!
Gail's tutorial is simple and clear, and once you're done,
I DEFY anyone to not notice your handiwork!
I'll be digging through my bead case today.

Got some Autumn shine to share?
Join the Glitter Brigade!


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I want one!!! Awesome blinged out pumpkin!!!! You and Vannah should enter my Shabby Apple gift card giveaway if you have the chance!!!

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Now see, I never buy those because what would I do with one? Crap, now Ill be adding that to the thrift store list!

lisbonlioness said...

PJ nailed it. Crap. What was i thinking, passing up all that broken jewellery in the charity shop? I need bling, and I need that pumpkin. Seriously, I'd pay some hard cash for that baby, it looks like you made it just for me!

Michelle L. said...

The pin is the perfect punkin accent - so pretty! Love the ring knock-off - way to go, Gail!

Sherri B. said...

Very nice, I do believe I could actually pull this one it! xo

Musings from Kim K. said...

Totally smitten. I have a bunch of pins that are just waiting to be used.