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Friday, September 28, 2012

Yorrick, My Man, What Up?

I present to you the skull.
Depending on your culture, it's the symbol of life or death.
It's a BAMF accessory with many outfits for certain looks.
And at Halloween, it's a must-have.
These icons can be found at Z Gallerie year round in any form from ice cubes to clocks.
And chrome clad with diamond eyes?
Fifteen dollar price tag?
Go not want.
 The Dollar Tree has these life sized babies in stock right now.
I bought three, one for each Minion.
 The first macabre plastic grin got three coats of chrome.
 Bring Yorrick on in and put him on some newspaper.
 Now, those big diamond vase filler things you have...
(still available at Party City)
 shove a couple different ones in the eye sockets to choose a size.
My mother barely even glanced at me doing this.
It's evidently becoming normal behavior to her.
 Rim the socket with a little hot glue.
Try to think of another situation where you could utter that phrase without police involvement.
 Press your large, gaudy plastic diamond into place as a substitute eye.
Does anyone else hear Indiana Jones music right now?
 After all that complicated gluing and glittering, here's a reasonable hack with minimal effort.
And I now have an extra $13 plus lying around.
13, eh?
The unlucky number.
 Yorrick and I are going to go find a way to get rid of that 13 pronto.
Did you think we were done?
Oh no.
This is just going to get worse.
So if you haven't Hacked One Up yet, relax, 
we have tons of time to polish up a glistening Autumn.


lisbonlioness said...

Just the title alone had me in stitches!
And those eyes... oh those glistening eyes...

Michelle L. said...

He is creeping me out just a little. Love the chrome effect, and the comment about your mom - hee hee!