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Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall-ow Us on an Autumn Spree!

We're gonna get cozy.
 It's time to shift gears and snuggle up with some fun projects and decorating
on a budget to give your digs a crisp feel.
But first, you're going to need some supplies!
It's time to do a little early Autumn shopping,
and who better to take you on a spree for the best bargains than
The Demi Lovato Daring Dumpster Diving Divas of Rehab?!?!
Okay, fine, no one calls us that.
We're only a little daring.
We aren't famous outside of Home Depot.
And we're not divas.
We do dive into dumpsters, and we're drop dead cheap,
so Fall-ow us for some shopping picks,
sneak peeks, and underhanded replacements for pricier cool stuff.
Are we on?
Let's go!
We took these shoes to Deals, The Dollar Tree, Joanns Fabrics,
and Dollar General, which if you've passed the latter up as 
a tacky store with cheaply made junk, you're in for a surprise.
About half of the shoes in my Saturday Going Shopping posts were snapped up there,
including this great pair of brown and pink Converse imposters that rang up at $8.
 Plaid shorts?
 Denim shorts?
Aren't these $14 at Walmart?
Relaxed fit and painters jeans that my kids are happy to wear are just $11,
they have fantastic candles, bargain baskets, and name brand items
for less than your local grocery store.
Listen, Lysol is Lysol.
I'd rather pay $2.50 than $4.
And check out these great woven runners for six smackers!
They're a full 12 x 68, just like $15 ones everywhere else.
The details are rich, the colors are vibrant, the patterns are right on trend...
...and at that price, I can have both!
 Now, let's get inexpensively sinister and...
 ...commit a murder!
Deals and The Dollar Tree have these great Gothic crows for a buck each.
I've already used mine for the British Birthday Bash and the above bad pun.
Now, we liked this a lot.
What's not to like?
4 silver skeletons on a string to festoon your home in spooky glitz?
You can add this to your decor for $4.99 at Joanns...
 ...or you can get the same size garland at Deals or The Dollar Tree
and just add your own glitter.
And four dollars extra buys a lot of glitter.
Piles of carvable pumpkins at the same stores are a buck each.
All those wild projects you've wanted to try but couldn't afford at $10 a foam fruit 
 are waiting for you.
 Just across the aisle are giant tinsel bats, spiders, pumpkins and ghosts just
 "dying" to adorn your door.
For a few Washingtons you could have quite the flashy flock.
 And I LOVE this!
It's $1 plastic serving tray, but have I got ideas...
 Felt cut leaves and pumpkins that are placemat size are available at 
Deals and The Dollar Tree.
Do I need to mention the price?
Right above those are these cute mini gourds.
Vase filler?
Potpourri embellishments?
 Garlands, artwork, scrapbooking...
these lacy leaves have a ton of uses. 
At this price, having a few on hand when the muse hits is doable.
 These are a fantastic fake, and Deals offers them up for a paltry $3 a bouquet.
 If $3 is too much, go a little unorthodox with lilies for $1 instead.
Before you go, how about some 2 1/2 foot tall, thick gravestones with glitter accents for just $5?
The one on the left was our favorite, with a little more subtle bling.
 I'm loving this treat stand at Joanns.
Two webbed tiers would offer up your devil's food cake in style!
$29.99 brings the arachnophobia home;
take a 40% off coupon with you and it's $18.
A bag of nearly life sized twinkling black bones would definitely be
a fun Halloween accent.
The pricetag is $34.99 for all these pieces, which is a pretty good deal!
 Deals makes it a steal though!
The same size bag is only $10~ go buy your own black glitter
and have money for THREE bags full!
 This foam medallion for $9.99 is a great springboard for the first impression at your door.
This comes in black or purple, so take your pick.
 I need this.
The tag that says $39.99 stands in the way of our love;
the 40% off sale makes it $25, which is low enough for clandestine visits.
 Little chocolate pumpkins would be cute on the buffet, huh?
This silicone mold to pour 24 candies is $10.99!
Or two of these from the Dollar Tree would make the same amount.
Not even a contest.
Joanns does have my heart with these galvanized tin accents.
They have this wonderful hint of denim blue that just speaks to me.
Those 3D pumpkins can march down my dining table any time.
 And THIS chocolate mold would have my posse of teen-and-twenty-somethings
in confectionery hysterics!
Create a sewer full of melt in your mouth mice using this $1.99
mold from Joanns.
 I'd love a bouquet of  Fall finery already branched and ready to arrange.
$7.99 isn't bad; two would be a lush russet show stopper for $16.
Nab 2 packages of 31 leaves in various sizes and shades for $1.99 apiece,
then gather branches from the yard and your hot glue gun!
Not only will you save a ton of money, which we like, but your displays will look more realistic, which we love.
 Make it an even better deal right now with 40% off,
lowering 62 leaves to $2.39!
Check under the car seats to pay that tab.
 I skulked around The Dollar Tree, waiting for these to come out.
 Pears and pumpkins in a paradoxically muted gold/copper glitter sheen
would spangle up your displays.
We have plans for these alright!
The pumpkins are 8" tall.
and the pears are over 9", so they're a great height to make a statement.
Your Dollar Tree is out of them?
Or worse yet, you don't even have a Dollar Tree???
Don't panic!
Get some friends together and have them shipped to your door!
 With flickering candlelight in hurricanes shining through the cutwork,
these will be deceptively elegant.
 And they will certainly set a mood with these.
Oh, do I have plans!
 Martha know how to infest a home.
For six or seven bucks you can have the place crawling with vermin.
 She also offers the patterns free online!
That would save some money, eh?
But what if you want to save time too?
 These are pretty intricate after all.
 Answer: The Dollar Tree.
 They have spiders too, but my mother objects to us voluntarily introducing
those into our home.
 These are a little creepier.
And more detailed.
And I am all over this purchase!
 They also have these substantial heavy cardboard stand ups.
 Each one stands over a foot tall.
The details are sharp, they're a simple matte black, and there's possibilities galore!
 I have an immediate plan for them;
we'll have to see if I stick with it, eh?
How many times have you headed in a direction, and ended up at a different destination?
Well, now you know what we bought.
Come on back, and starting tomorrow, we'll do some crafts,
some candlescapes, some table arrangements, and shop the house for goodies 
to transform.
Does that give you enough time to hit the stores?


Della said...

You are getting ready to have a LOT of fun!!!! What some great deals. I may have to pick up a few of the things you mentioned!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

You guys just never slow down! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Still in my fall mode....but Halloween's just around the corner!

lisbonlioness said...

I think I just died... would it be extreme to raid the safe at work after a busy Saturday, use the money to buy a ticket to Florida, buy... erm... everything in this post, fly back, pretend I never stole the money, go back to work and Hallowe'en my heart out? Oh CREEEEEEEEEP!!! (exchange e for a for what I really want to wail) Why are our pound shops so lame compared to this amazing haul of spooky amazeballs? NOT FAIR!!

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