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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pumpkin Go Round in 3D

Today, my Virtual Besties, we're going to throw something together that will add
 a carnival of Fall colors to your house in minutes.
We're thinking outside the orange box.
 Our box today has a whole lot more than just orange.
 These little pumpkins caught my eye at Deals.
They're in a bright kaleidoscope of orange, green, purple, and black, all drenched 
in blingtastic glitter.
As in Ready. To. Use.
So no more whining, people.
 Not to mention, you get 10 little gems for $3!
They also have itsy skulls by the way, so good luck deciding.
Now pay attention.
This is really difficult.
In fact, most of you will never master the skills required to make this.
You will need:
3 packages of wildly colored glitter mini pumpkins
1 large cylinder vase or gallon jar
1 small Dollar Tree cylinder vase
1 pillar candle that will fit in the above smaller vase
Some place to put this
 Take your first vase.
 This baby is 9.5" high and 8" across and was painstakingly procured at great expense from that
ever so snooty home goods emporium, Walmart.
 Place your Dollar Tree lead crystal cylinder inside the first vase.
This is where those hours of Tetris pay off.
Place the pumpkins between the walls of glass, varying the colors in a pleasing fashion.
Do not herd them.

 Keep going up the space until you are just under the rim of the smaller vase.
 Add the candle.
If you made sure it would fit previously, this step is no big deal.
If not, go get your chain saw and hockey mask and make the delicate adjustments necessary.
 Light the candle to make sure all moving parts operate properly.
 Now go put this in your predetermined spot.
I'd advise against this being somewhere with oily rags, open containers of gasoline, fireworks or other explosives.
But then I generally advise against places like that existing in your home, period.
 Unless you rob banks.
And I'm not asking.
 And there you have it.
 Yet another intricate, complicated, difficult, impossible-to-succeed-at
project from your sadistic friends here at Life in Rehab.
I don't think I've ever seen one of our projects attempted and
posted on FailBlog or NailedIt.
Go figure.

The Lisbonlioness, who challenged me to the Z Gallerie Great Glitzy Hack Off, has once again smacked me with a gauntlet!
What do you say, Guys?
Anyone up for The Crazy Creepy Craft Off? 


Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

Cute, very cute! But as for doing a crazy creepy craft off, I don't think anything can be creepier than your last post on Halloween Porn! But hey, you are definitely great at coming up with some, shall we say, . . . . stuff! Love it!!!

lisbonlioness said...

Hey, I stroked you gently!! Because I actually scared myself when I posed that comment... you think your pumpkins are cool just because they glitter? Wait 'til you see my glittered skeletons (that can do the boogie)!! MUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Just kidding (apart from the skeleton bit), I love that centerpiece! I can just about see the glitter reflecting the candle light, right up my (dark, scary) alley.
Take it you are up for a bit of muscle- flexing and scaremongering, then? Oh hell yeah!!

Life in Rehab said...

Oh, it is ON, Sista!!! And bring your A Game!