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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fake Something Tasty!

Mr Kipling French Fancies are small iced sponge cakes, resembling petits fours,
 topped with a hemisphere of buttercream.
No tea would complete without a few of these little lovelies.
 Imagine the instant elegance!
 No wallet can survive their purchase without a serious dent.
Hit your favorite bakery.
Browse through Amazon.
A basic selection will run you $30 PLUS shipping.
I am sooooooooo not down with that!
If that figure for a scattering of one inch confections didn't make you blink,
never mind.
But if you made a squeaking sound reminiscent of a rubber duckie at the thought,
you're going to love this.
We're going to fake it!
 Whilst at Big Lots, toss a box of Little Debbie Fancy Cakes for $1.49
and a box of unfrosted Chocolate Swiss Rolls that ring up at $1 into your cart.
Freeze them.
They'll be easier to work with.
 You know what we're doing.
The Fancy Cakes already have pretty drizzles of icing swirling over them.
 Slice each individual one into four even cubes.
 Slice the Swiss Rolls into pinwheels about 1/2 inch thick.
You can go to tiny extra lengths, such as adding diminutive candy roses;
I thought the icing drizzles were enough.
You can also use mini cupcake papers as a little extra flourish.
I didn't find any in a motif I liked, so I skipped this embellishment.
 I'm not going to insult you by telling you a quick dessert pedestal can
easily be yours by gluing an ornate pressed glass plate to an upside down footed
ice cream dish for about $2.
 Arrange these little yummies for impact.
 I wanted to call to mind a chess board for a formal touch.
 Don't pack the plate;
let the display stay conservative.
Put the extra cakes in containers in the freezer to replenish the plate later
And yeah, for $2.50, you'll have extra.
 A couple of mint leaves and a plastic costume gauntlet from
The Dollar Tree reaching for a treat, and you have a great fake out!
 Tell me this doesn't look like a pricey little nibble.
Not one guest guessed they weren't.
 Sumptuous, delicious, and well within our budget...
what more could you want?
Set it out, and get your fingers out of harm's way.
 That's a lot of sugar, huh?
I should have a houseful of vibrating party goers in no time!

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Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

You are the queen of "fake it, don't bake it"! I have never seen the unfrosted chocolate sweeis rolls, but I'll be looking at my Big Lots a little more carefully now. Thanks for the tip about the freezer too! This would be so cool for any party where you just wanted a sweet tray!

Michelle L. said...

You are sneaky - this is really fun, and I never woulda thought to freeze them. I learn so much here!

Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

Everything looks so inviting and festive! I bet a fun time was had by all!

Bambi said...

Sunni you're awesome, just love the whole thing :)