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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Auburn Sparkle

 Ever feel like you're being watched?
 Creepy, isn't it?
 Join us for some Creepy Crafting starting Monday,
and this may be the view through your keyhole.
 When you're plotting a change in decor, always shop the house,
and try not to look at things the same way.
 I have a bunch of cylinder vases; why dress them up the same way every year?
We'll start with a tall, slim vase I usually use as...
well, as a vase.
 Then we'll take an even thinner, tall vase from the Dollar Tree.
 To give it a little more height, we're going to Goop a tea light cup to the bottom.
Now, let's thunder toward the obvious!
Put the smaller vase inside the larger one.
Doing it the other way around is impossible according to the laws of physics,
unless of course you use a hammer, so don't worry about screwing up this step.
We're going to use plastic acorns scatter in Autumn jewel tones.
Plastic is good for this for one very important reason...
Due to space restrictions, we need to drop the acorns down the sides,
and glass scatter might break.

 Keep going until the base of the inner cylinder is buried so no one knows your secret.
 Add a tall pillar that fills the slimmer vase.
~Weird camera shot~
 Okay, let's stage this puppy for effect, shall we?
 That is one tall, sparkly drink of water.
Light it up, and take a few superfluous shots as filler.
 Like this one.
Here's a slightly different angle we didn't really need to post.
 We'll do a close up, just in case putting filler in a vase struck someone as too complicated,
and you're confused without more details.
The light filters all the way through the glass, reflecting on the curved surfaces
 and through the clear acorns.
There's nothing like a little sparkle.
And Autumn colors just beg to glow.


Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

Very pretty! The acorn fillers did the trick! Where did you find them? Lovely!

Unknown said...

I'm with Gail, where did you find those acorns? Super-cool idea!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Oh that's lovely! I have some of those acorns and I think I got them at Big Lots! I forgot I had them until I saw them here. Bet I've got a tall vase somewhere too!

Life in Rehab said...

I found the acorns at Dollar Tree two years ago, but as you see, Danni found them at Big Lots, they were on eBay last night, and I'm sure places like Party City will have them or something similar. I snagged an obscene amount of bags when I spotted them.