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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Heavy Metal Makeover

 When you find raw ingredients for a project, sometimes you have a vision,
 and sometimes you don't
 I had a few possibilities in mind when I loaded this package of
 31 leaves in my cart at Joanns.
None of them included leaving them as is.
 On a recent trip to Z Gallerie I saw this little pumpkin...
...and these.
The medium 5.5 inch pumpkin will run you $29.95.
The 7 inch beaded pumpkin is a relative bargain at $19.00.
My wallet flashed before my eyes.
No, no, put that twenty away; we've got this.
Grab several leaves and put them in a shallow box face up out in the workshop.
 (Cue the angels)
My twist on traditional Fall colors is going to include a lot of metallics and shine
so we're gonna start with some Rustoleum Bright Copper..
 Give the leaves a little dusting of color.
 We're NOT going for full coverage here, just a sheen.
This dries fast, like within minutes,
 Reposition and respray as necessary.
I wanted some of the original russets and orange to show through.
 Now we'll take these cheap, tawdry pumpkins...
 The color is overkill, but the size, shape, and price are perfection.
Little orange foam diamonds in the rough.
 One coat on the bottom...
 ...flip them over, and add a coat of copper on the top.
The lighting out here is just awful, though, so let's head inside.
 Yeah, that's better.
Are we starting to see a little Z?
 These cards with SIX Autumn hues of glitter are from The Dollar Tree.
Could this BE any more conveniently coordinated?
Each little packet will do two or three pumpkins.
Pick one.
 Take a small artist's brush and stroke a little decoupage medium on the grooves.
Work in sections so the glue will remain wet.
 Sprinkle the glitter over it, tapping off the excess.
This heavy gauge wire is from Joanns, and it comes in tons of colors.
I went with a bronze for this project.
 Snip about 12 inches and wind it into a coil around a pencil or pen,
leaving 2 or 3 inches straight.
 Poke it right into the pumpkin.
Stab it.
Laugh maniacally.
Glance around to see if anyone caught you.
If there's a family member backing slowly and warily away, you're in the right frame of mind.
Maybe throw some Ozzie on the stereo for effect.
 Now choose a couple of victims leaves,
making them different sizes for realism.
Yeah, right.
We aren't going for a natural look, are we?
 Put a generous glop of hot glue near the stem.
 Press the leaf into the glue, listening to the sound of your fingerprints sizzling off.
 Repeat with the other leaf, overlapping them slightly.
Stand back and gloat.
Feel free to laugh like a fiend again.
 A little hot, steamy before on after action.
Can you picture these luxe little gourds in your decor now?
Parked in a soup bowl on your holiday table?
And they ring up under $2...
that beats $19 or $30 ANY. DAY.
I also have silver and gold paint, by the way.
And 16 pumpkins.
If you'll excuse me, I have paint fumes to huff.
Wow, that explains the laughing, huh?


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Z Gallery - snort! We dont need no stinking 29.99 pumpkins. Boom.

Life in Rehab said...

Sing it, Sista! No way, no day!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Girl you are ridin that Crazy Train for sure! Love it! Gotta make me some now!

Bambi said...

Love it!!! May have to steal this idea :) thanks Sunni

Unknown said...

Wow! I so need to make these! They are so awesome! I love metallic!

Vonda said...

Awesome idea. I love the upgrade. It is time to pull out my fall stuff and see what I need at the Dollar Store!!