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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Going Shopping

 I admit it.
Last night, Momma put her dancing shoes on.
 That's right.
The hubs was jamming with his boys in a garage with some hand crafted beers, so yours truly
decided to slip out for a little live band action solo.
I must have looked okay, because I got to say those three little words:
"Sorry, I'm married."
This morning, I'm back up and ready to hit it.
We have a lot of things to find from years past to round out our decor.
It's time to shop the house for the following:

If you're new and any of these tickled your fancy, the Roundup with directory will 
get you to the right instructions.
As for me, I have some closets to rip apart and a flea market to hit!
Heading for the flea market,
If not back, avenge death.


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Good for you for puttin on your dancin shoes!! I got about 10 ideas just from your photos thanks! Love that Ginormous Skull. Wanted to tell you that I made it to the Dollar Tree and they were out of those foam pumpkins! Everyone must have read your blog and beat me to it!!

Unknown said...

Where, oh WHERE, did you get the Ginormous Skull? My son's absolutely in love with it already, and all he saw was a brief glance at the we "MUST have one!" Seein' as it's his birthday and all (9th!), I'm going to have to go and look for one....