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Monday, March 26, 2012

My Kitchen Inspiration

My best friend Michael, an avid DIYer and stay-at-home dad, lives 1300 miles away in New York
With the internet, this is not exactly a challenge. 
We confer on projects all the time through phone calls, Yahoo photo sharing, cam time and texting.
He was right there when I built The Wall.
So naturally, when he decided his 80's kitchen needed an update, I got to follow along with the bouncing trowel!
Here's the before: still in great shape, because he takes care of things, 
But the floor, counters, and backsplash...
definitely holding the whole room back.
And as Michael's culinary skills went from toddler's fare to more gourmet offerings,
storage was glaringly inadequate.
Wrecking ball, please!
 Come along and watch the carnage.

 He moved out everything that wasn't nailed down, and several things that were, checking and reassessing his work flow and needs.

 This will replace the red formica adequately, yes?
Dear God, yes.

Custom built addition to the peninsula.
Sandy tile with a little accent of green went down, which had the effect of updating the cabinets.
It's amazing how different they look in the right surroundings.
 See that lip on the peninsula?
Now he's got room for company while he cooks.
 And the backsplash....oh.
If I'm ever widowed, I'm running away with the backsplash.
 There are some sacrifices you have to prepare for during this process... dinner could be a minor challenge.
 Your decorating might be a tad unorthodox as well.
 But in the end, it's all worth it.
This has me itching to dive in and fix the train wreck I cook in.
How bad is it?
Join me tomorrow for the ugly, naked truth and the Rehab Kitchen Plan.
At the very least, you'll feel better about your space.

Thanks again to Michael and his lovely wife Carloyn for allowing us to barge into their home.


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Amazing transformation. I love the new addition of the counter and the granite and tiles are stunning. Hugs, Marty

Sherri B. said...

That is amazing and I love what a difference it made adding that extra bit on the counter...Oh, and the granite didn't hurt at all and the back splash that you would run away with and the new floor. - Can't wait to see your 'train wreck'...couldn't be worse than my postage stamp here at the Little House and the galley hallway kitchen at the City House! xo

Dharma said...

Beautiful and the updates were made where they should be :) I get the hotplate thig. I just painted my counters all weekend. Love the granite peninsula :)