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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Banana Split Trifle

AZ Richards gave me the sweetest compliment on my newly thinned down butt, then asked me to share my weight loss secrets.
Honestly, there are no real secrets.
Move more, cut out the fat.
Never eat a whole cat by yourself.
And never eat this by yourself.
Yes, we still make these. I just avoid them.
And although I have a love affair with dessert, we can't be together. For now.
There are ways around this, however.
Join me in counting to 2. You'll need:
2 boxes of strawberry gelatin
2 boxes of pineapple gelatin
2 boxes of banana pudding
2 cans of pineapple in juice 
2 pints of strawberries, hulled and sliced
2 bananas, sliced
2 cups of lite whipped topping, plus extra for garnish
4 cups of skim milk. I couldn't keep this up forever.
Dump the 2 flavors of gelatin in separate 8 cup bowls. Add two cups of boiling water to each.
Pack a 2 cup measuring cup with ice; add water. 
Pour this into the gelatin.
Stir until the ice melts. Repeat with the other flavor and stash both bowls in the fridge.
In an hour, it will be all kinds of slushie.
Add the pineapple and strawberries to the corresponding flavors and stir them thoroughly.
Make the pudding according to the package directions.
Fold in the whipped topping, then the sliced bananas.
Now either haul out your trifle bowl of individual glasses and get ready to layer.
I like a layer of pudding between each layer of gelatin.
Finish off with a slather of lite whipped topping and we have a legal dessert.
You still have to behave yourself of course, but this really quiets the cravings for something sweet.
Chocolate syrup is also fat free if you'd like a little added traditional flavor.
Grab a spoon. I'll meet you in the middle.

1 comment:

Ami Allison said...

OH MY GOSH!! Sunny, that looks so diggity dang delicious!!! OH and the trifle and the cake looks great too!! ;)