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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Totally Stacked

So this area over here in my kitchen is slightly less than attractive at the moment.
We all have those areas, right?
Do we all have those areas that can also be seen from the front door?
Yeah, I didn't think so.
Besides needing to tape and mud the new drywall (STILL),
I need to make storage a little more serene.
And Caribbean.
Let's get started with a little fruit stand.
I slipped into the Dollar Tree and found these sturdy plates and goblets.
The excessive designs molded into the glass are just what I had in mind.
 I chose 4 new colors that coordinate nicely in my old friend, Krylon.
Wash and dry all of the pieces, then flip them over on a work surface.
You're going to paint the backs of the plates and the insides of the goblets ONLY.
No surface that touches food will have paint on it.
 Work in light coats.
 Get full coverage. The yellow took about 5 coats, the blue only 3.

When you flip them back over, the effect on the glass is really cool.
Razor off any over spray.
Use sealer over the paint if you like.
 Ooooooooooo, shiny!
 Now start the assembly.
Don't faint, but we're using Goop adhesive.

This will of course be clear and give a good seal.
It's waterproof, which is a plus.
Let this all set for a couple of hours...
How cool is that?
Hand wash only, of course, but that's okay.
And if you're weird and have a microwave this would fit in, I'm going to advise against it.
Otherwise, for its first incarnation, I have a little Spring display plotted out...


La Vie Quotidienne said... the colors you used.

Michelle L. said...

Adorably springy! Would be such a stallar way to do an Easter display.

Vonda said...

I love how these turned out!

Julie said...

Adorable! Thanks for sharing. :)