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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Going Shopping

We admit it.
 We were a little afraid to go out shopping in South Florida
on Saint Patrick's Day.
This place gets NUTS, and since people start drinking around 7:00 AM (I kid you not),
we opt out of the whole driving thing.
My child groom is out on Spring Break, giving us a perfect chance to slip out alone.
We grabbed a baby leprechaun for good luck and sallied forth
 to Gulfstream Park, a destination with some great inspiration.
 And we figured we'd drag you along.
Quit kicking, and stop that screaming.
We cruised into Pottery Barn first, and management graciously allowed my camera to go wild.
This little unfinished primitive table is just my style.
I'm filing these as the answer to my prayers in the kitchen.
Exactly what I want as far as the feel and details.

Looks like something I'd do...SAVANNAH!
Backyard structure...check.
I was into table settings today, since I now have access to my china.

Mercury glass patio lights??? Yes please!

Next door at Crate and Barrel, things are less subdued.
The Caribbean colors are just so juicy.
How about a $10 shot of color with this recycled Mexican glass wall vase?

As much Asian food as we eat, I think these are justifiable.
I go color crazy here.

The Marimekko section always takes me back to my childhood.
Mom was daring in her taste.
I had these sheets. Sadly, at $87 I couldn't afford the nostalgia.
I'm watching you.
I like citrus shades, but I'll always come home to calming blues.
This is the kind of bedroom I'd have if I'd ever grown up.
Or maybe this one...
Cantina Loredo is our undisputed destination for lunch when we're shopping here.
The have the best Chili Rellenos next to Sam's.
And tableside guacamole? Fantastic.
Sam's pretty sure I come just to ogle the floral arrangements.
Fresh orchids are like a magnet.
We registered there for our wedding.
We were foodies before the slang was coined.
Wander with me.
Are these nautical dishes gorgeous or what?
A couple of pieces could change the whole tone of your table.
Hanging with my Peeps!
Talk about a great egg display.
I fell for this embroidered apron...
Sam lamented the fact that these were only in kid's sizes.
Placecards under glass.
Now there's a topiary.
The really soft, barely there blue was so pretty.
I took a couple of shots of this wedding cake through the glass of the front window.
I decorated my own cake, which I also baked, and as you all know, I have no talent with a pastry bag.
But I LOVE fresh flowers and unusual items employed as embellishments.
So while I apologize for the photos...
You had to see this.
I'd renew my vows just to make this cake.
Okay, there might be other reasons.
Z Gallerie is also in this complex.
Are you dying yet?
Please just drop this off in my backyard.
Another grown up bedroom, complete with mink.
Repeat after me: free faux fur throw.
No, they're charging for it.
I just like that tongue twister.
You knew what I was like before you opened the tab, come on.
I've never seen these in silk before.
If they weren't such perfect potential Feline Overlord Teasers, I'd have them.
But I prefer not to tempt fate.
 I've got the blues, but in a good way.
We also hit West Elm, but they insisted the camera stay in my purse, so there's no evidence, sadly.
That's okay. By now, I was wiped out, and we still needed to grocery shop.
 I was so exhausted that I ended up talking to plastic people...
...and our baby leprechaun looked like THIS.
Headed for Super Walmart
 and Doris Italian Market.
If not back, avenge death.

(Then take me home, Babe.)

1 comment:

Meg said...

Love love love love it!! Thanks for posting the pics!! I live too far from the real world to get to these stores as often as I like (I used to go a couple times a week!! Ack!!) This weekend I chose to spend my real world time at Banana Republic and then a Pet Expo. I feel like I just squeezed in a little more shopping :D Woot! I love the little round table at the top of your post, it looks totally diyable, you should do it!!