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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beach Looks

I'm not really the princess type.
Nor am I particularly the hairband type.
But I am, despite being a redhead, the beach type, and that involves wet hair.
Long wet hair needs waterproof taming post-plunge.
The Disney Princess line of trims are colored gems cased in plastic.
I went with Ariel, a shade of aqua.
You aren't the least bit surprised.
We'll start out with a hairband from Dollar Tree. It came in a 4 pack.
Thin blue satin ribbon...and some Goop adhesive because it's waterproof.
Cut the gems a stone or two longer than the headband.
Run a bead of Goop along the top of the headband and press the gems into place.
Tie the ribbon at one end and wrap it between the beads along the length.
 The Goop will ooze into it to help it stay in place.
At the end, bring it around and tie the ribbon into a bow.
Add a dot of glue to both knots.
This sucker isn't going anywhere.
Trim the ribbon ends and the excess gem.
Allow it to dry.

Go swimming, slick back your hair, look like a mermaid.
For an estimated $1.50, not bad.
I'll be making a few more accessories.
Join me for some sandy glam?


Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

As Borat would say. . . "Very niice!"

Musings from Kim K. said...

Super duper nifty. Aren't you the perfect model too! Love it!

MJ said...

So cute! Purple one for me please :) And maybe with an added skull or so hihi... have you seen my spider headband? I wore it to a sewing show the other day and people were shocked LOL.

we three dogs and me said...

Love your post you are so humerous. so glad you are doing better. I know what that is like.Been there done that. I don't comment much but do view everything. There are so many. that will be cute for any