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Friday, March 16, 2012

Do the Wave

Sure, I can be scattered.
(It seemed like a good opening line.)
We've been hitting the beach a lot lately, and here's a weird thing: I've been wanting to accessorize.
I think there's actually a female buried under there somewhere.
The fun thing about beach jewelry is that it can be over the top and glitzy,
so while my day to day style is conservative and understated, my coastal style can be
like my decorating style.
Colorful. Attention grabbing. Light hearted.
Ooooooo, shiny!
I wanted some baubles that looked like the ocean, with sparkle and a wave look.
And like a lot of my home projects, I just used things I had already.
Free goodies are...good.
Gather some beads, ribbon, and a needle and thread. Make sure the needle fits through the beads.
Some of my beads are the above Table Scatters from the Dollar Tree that I have stashed for a future 
patio recycled lighting project.
The rest were left overs from...
...THIS little project.
Hanging onto stuff pays off.
All the beads used for this are unbreakable plastic.
Cut the ribbon about 3 times the circumference of your wrist and add eight inches for a bow.
Double thread the needle and make a substantial knot.
Push the needle through the ribbon, then through the first bead. Fold the ribbon over the bead
and drive the ribbon through.
You've now made your first wave.
Add the second bead, and keep repeating until you're halfway through.
Easy and quick.
Dangle a special show stopper at the halfway point,
then repeat the pattern of the first half of the bracelet.
Once you're done adding beads, knot the thread really tightly and close to the ribbon.
Knot it some more. 
When you think you're done, knot it one more time.
Tie the ends in a bow and trim.
Run just a little fabric adhesive on the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.
I don't have that stuff, so I used Goop, 
which I happen to think is a better choice since it's waterproof.
Slide the wave on your wrist.

I'll be making a matching necklace next.
And pairing it with my new strapless black one piece and a blue printed sarong.
Am I getting flashy?


Michelle L. said...

Simply gorgeous! Does NOT look like plastic, so chic and fun. I love the big starfish dangler!

misty said...

awesome~!!! Love the way it looked on the chandelier!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

So very cool! And beachy! I love it....nice job (again)!