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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Five Minute Latin Lessons

We've been doing some long, complicated projects lately.
 How about something quick and simple?
 I'd like to change out the patriotic table dressing in the dining room 
and do something a little more green, something that says 
Established Summer.
We're going to do this fast, and for nearly nothing.
 The first part of this calls for some easy candle holders.
You'll just need a few things.
 Deals is a new chain by Dollar Tree that carries $1 stock, plus
slightly higher items, all at an incredible bargain.
They even have NY Strip steaks!
And they're four blocks from the house, nestled next to my Home Depot.
Oh, Nirvana!
Pick up small hurricanes and curved semi-spherical cereal bowls there for $1 each.
That lime green is so me.
 Six votives in glass cups were $3, so $0.50 each.
That works!
 Right next door at Home Depot, 4.5" terra cotta plant saucers are a paltry $0.77.
If I have somehow not convinced you to use Goop after all this time,
Now's your chance.
There's room on the bandwagon.
This is my adhesive of choice for this project,
it sealed a crack in my water bottle,
and I used it on the pipe joints when I replaced the plumbing on the sink.
This, my friends, is a staple item.
 Now, flip the bowl over.
A little bead of Goop on the rim of the base please.
 Set the plant saucer firmly on top.
Feel free to paint this if you'd like.
I was going to originally, in fact,
but I liked the natural color of the terra cotta when I dry stacked it.
"Mum stop stacking things! Security is looking!"
That's my daughter Savannah's look out cry in any store with housewares.
I start to see compotes and cake plates everywhere I am, I swear.
And this, as is, had a little Latin flair to it that I liked.
It compliments my tropical/ Spanish vibe.
 Once that's dry, just add the little vase,
or hurricane.
 Pop in the votive, and you're done!
Total cost?
$3.27 each.
For holders in your exact choice of colors?
I'd say that's a bargain.
 Make as many as you need.
These wouldn't be bad for a Summer wedding either.
Even outdoors, they're protected from breezes
(like in my open dining room),
and the candle cups mean you can sprinkle gems, confetti,
or florals in the hurricane to further dress them up.
Easy enough? 
You guys make those.
Now, I'm onto step two...


Della said...

I haven't seen Deals in my town yet, but will keep my eyes open for it. We do have several Dollar Tree stores though. This is a really cool project. These would look neat lined up on either side of the walkway, too....for like a party or shindig.

lisbonlioness said...

ooh, I'm digging them!
Could be done with any old pot and plate, coming to think of it.
A lick of spray paint and even Grandmas' old china will go nicely with the pot that used to house the only cactus that stoutly refused to day during your college days. Ahem.
Oh crick, I just remembered I had a cactus in a little planter that looked like a trike. The wheels actually turned.
Damn you 90ies!

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Well that's clever and just about in my crafting price range! Don't know if we have Deals...but we have some others worth poking around in! Nice job. I'm a sucker for anything green!

Anonymous said...

What I really love about this particular project is that, I think, they would be just as nice if flipped the other way round. I can see them being used on a platter of chips holding the salsa, holding small snacks set up at nibble stations round the house during causal parties.


Anonymous said...

love it I will try this, they are so cute :)