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Monday, July 16, 2012

Gone Fishin'

 Mom's birthday went very well, from pina coladas to pretty packages.

 The lobster ravioli was store bought Buitoni, don't be impressed.
The sauce was a quick whip up of 2% milk, grated parmesan, garlic, paprika,
and a splash of cream sherry.
Subtle, to just enhance.
 Add to that shrimp cocktail, cornmeal fried fresh oysters...
...romaine with mandarin oranges, pineapple, Asian noodles and ginger dressing...
 ...fresh raw oysters with horseradish...
 ...Boston Cream Pie turned 4 layer torte...
 ...and you have a pretty happy 72 year old birthday girl!
 Let's show off that hibiscus in the hair.
Tres tropical.
We were all in full party gear. The boys had beach comber hats, and somehow
ducked the photo ops. 
 The gifts were next.
 The tank was set up in the middle of the table, plugged in and running throughout
dinner, with a wrapped box over it.
It's that silent.
 We had river rock for a nice natural look.
 Now we just need some residents!
 So the next day involved a trip to Beverley's Pets!
 Now, I originally took 150 photos.
I'm not doing that to you.
Enjoy an edited walk through of our favorite pet pampering emporium,
 and I'll delete some things before you get there.
 Like this.
And this can go.

 And this.
 Oh, right.
ACTUALLY delete them.

 Viquariums are my favorite tank set up.
We've had several; it's essentially a slice of river life with a bank
and amphibious critters, plus tons of plants, like a
wet living terrarium.
 We raised turtles until those little quarter sized guys were over a foot across,
at which time Gamera, Godzilla, and Gomorrah took up donated residence
They have an amphibian habitat and were happy to get our pets of 11 years.
NEVER release a pet into the wild.
These guys agree.
 And they're watching you.
A bird with a taste for Tanzanite.
He kept chewing my ring until a photo was snapped, so
there's nothing that will hold up in court.
 Now, onto the fish selections, which is after all why we're here.

 We have 2 three gallon tanks.
We all know this isn't happening.

 But it's kinda like a day at the aquarium, so just enjoy.

 I'll need some melted butter and lemon please.
 I'm kidding.
Don't give me that look.
 Harry Potter and the Search for the Flying Sushi.

Not it's NOT!!!
You're just sick!
 See? Now you've insulted him!!!


 Okay, down to business.
We'll be needing some live plants please.
Yes, I even garden underwater.
 I was very taken by these rosy mollys,
but Mom says they get too large for the small tank.

 Her rule: if I can't identify it, I can't have it.

 So we chose a fish for the tank...

 Totally kidding.
This guy is headed for a pond.

 I'd like to do another viquarium...
 ...but we aren't set up for that, so we'll just visit for a sec.

Something like this requires at least a 5, preferably a 10 gallon tank,
and no aversion to frozen bloodworm plugs.
Which is what our newt, Gingrich, ate.

 Okay, enough fantasizing, let's head home... reality!
 Welcome to our tank!
 Some live plants and pretty little friends, still awaiting names.
 All taking up residence on the buffet where we can all enjoy it.

 Buffet top designed by Samwow, who thought flanking the 
water feature with white items kept the arrangement light.
I suspect he wanted to freak out the fish with the parrot.

 We'll talk about the other tank another time.
 Quite frankly...'ve been through enough.


Heather said...

I'll try to get the picture of those scary lizards out of my brain while I just think of that delicious menu!

Michelle L. said...

Bwahha! Harry Potter and the Flying sushi! Book eight, please, Ms. Rowling.

Thanks for the aquarium trip and giggling at your captions.

Ooh, I love your turtle-keeping story. I had the same experience, but with a giant Sulcata tortoise. Found him under our car at 1" wide. (Named him Speed Bump - Speedy for short.) Gave him to a tortoise sanctuary 2 years later at 10" across. Ah, children do grow up. He was destined to be approx one yard across and 400 lbs, and my yard was already too small for him.

Della said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! The tank looks great. Food looked YUM. Loved the tour through the saltwater section of the pet store...ahhhh.

lisbonlioness said...

I will come back to this post many, many times.
What a joy to look at! That shop would be my personal Eden, to say the least. Thanks so much for taking the time to upload all those photos (still not nearly enough for my liking, though, I could have kept gawping all day!)
The tank looks good, I like the natural look (coloured gravel kiss me every time, same as plastic plants. I die many deaths...) very much, and all the lil' fishies are going to be happy.
Your Mum looks so much like you! And, if you allow me to say so, a lot better and healthier than a little while back. What are you feeding that lady??
Great... all I want is a vivarium now... and, obviously, a fishtank or three. Oh MAN!!! >.<

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Well that was delightful to look at while I ate my dinner. No luck pretending my ham sandwich was lobster ravioli. Looks like you mom had a wonderful time and the dinner looks delicious!