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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Your Move

Do you listen to your children?
 You had these kids to create something.
 Now do a little follow up and see how it's turning out.
Remember how you said to yourself you'd always be cool and keep up with current music?
You'd never think your children's stuff was lame,
not like your Mom thought Frampton was, right?
You'd be into their interests?
Keep those promises.
Here's your chance to find out a whole lot of good stuff.
You'll also know if they've been listening.

A lot of great customs fall by the wayside because we fail to slow down and pass them on,
like manners, thank you notes, letter writing, and how to entertain.
Entertaining is an opportunity that arises every day.
It doesn't take a bunch of people coming over.
It takes just the usual people milling through your house,
whether that's a herd of smelly offspring or just one guy.
Or just you.
Yeah, you're that special.
You can empty a sack of fast food onto the table, or you can 
elevate it to a level that encourages people to slow down and sit.
It's up to you.
It's your move.
Thom jumped on the opportunity to design today's centerpiece, 
and it's ALL him.
Ready to find a few things out about the Middle Minion?
He's creating the ambiance for his favorite meal:
Salmon Wellington
Linguine with olive oil and black caviar
Caprese Salad
Chocolate Mousse
 With this we'll be enjoying strains of Wagner.
Mr. Blue Eyes listens to classical music almost exclusively.
As a foil to that, our chess aficionado and war buff
has hauled out his favorite boards to build a display.
The only guideline the Minions had was to shop the house.
 We do have a serious collection, 
from Four Person Chess to Harry Potter pieces
to my treasured board that my mother gave me when I 
was high school chess club president.
The geek is strong in this one.
 So let's shape this, shall we?
By the way, this really is all their own work.
 The vintage basket stayed and was lined with a frosted and clear glass board.
The matching pieces had the right bit of sparkle.
I asked him what he was going for, and was told, "Something monochromatic. 
Black and white drama."
And you think they aren't listening.
 The Potter armies were selected for contrast in texture.
 Oh, and they're fierce.
 They sure intimidated me in the film.
 The flutes from last evening got flipped over
and the candles were nestled inside, showing off the cut crystal.
 More votives were added lower to reflect against the glass.
Our pepper mill took center stage due to its resemblance to a pawn.
 You really have to love the effect.
If his chosen career in game design falls through,
maybe Thom could be a wedding planner?
 We'll have to check into that.
I wonder what scholarships are available?
 It takes talent to mix the juxtaposition of fine crystal,
vintage pieces, cheap glass from Walmart and 
novelty plastic successfully.

 I have to tell the truth;
I had no idea that was a shield.
I always thought the pawn had a big butt.

the Queen of the Vignette,
would approve?
 Gratuitous close up shots for no reason.

 Sure it's a little unconventional, but I
suspect I'm not the only momma to yell,
"We have gusts coming in a half hour! Get the Klingon
sword, the foam rubber nunchackus, and your gas masks
out of the living room NOW! And clean up that fake blood!"

 Are you mentally scouring your closets yet?
Our artist is quite pleased with his results.
After all of this effort, you'd better believe I'm thawing some salmon.

1 comment:

Michelle L. said...

This is fabulous! I love the symmetry and the chic black, white and gray. And the chessmen-under-glass element is funny but surprisingly gorgeous! There are tons of people who would want Thom as their weeding planner - cool geek type-people, of course.