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Friday, July 20, 2012

Collaborative Toy Capers with Fire Included

Oh hi.
 Sorry, I didn't see you there.
 I was busy sprinkling glitter on this PVC pipe for 
starting Monday, July 23rd,
and featuring inspiration from my favorite treasure trove of
glam and sparkle,
If you haven't declared your intentions, you still have a whole weekend
to get some starfish and plastic gems and show us how dangerous
you can be with a glue gun!

 So last night at dinner, in the glow of Fairy Fantasy Goodness,
the Minions were chattering about doing one more centerpiece,
and it was going to be a tribute to their childhoods.
I was shooed from the dining room, 
and my camera was confiscated,
while toys galore appeared.
 You get extra points if you can name everything.
 It will mean you're either a child of the two decades,
you've had a child in the last two decades,
or you're just weirdly cool.
 Either way, this is nowhere near all the plastic joy the kids have saved,
but this is what came down to participate.
 If there are any plumbing problems, we're covered.
 I suspect metaphors will be mixed generously.
Like when the Ham Hams and Spiderman took up residence in the Fischer Price dollhouse.
 I'm gonna get a Crystal Light Mojito and just let this madness ensue.
 Do it up, Coach Z.
 Did I really buy all of this?
 Before the laptop and I slunk upstairs leaving the evil toy team to
their own devices, I reminded them of a few things.
 A flat basket full of toys with some dinky candles isn't a centerpiece.
It a lighted stash fire hazard.
 Grouping for impact and adding varying heights would draw attention
to where you want the eye to go.

 Do something with this.
I'm leaving now.
 And it had better not look like a pop culture marshmallow roast when you're done,
or I'm posting that laundry folding tutorial I've had saved in drafts for an emergency.

 When the camera was dropped off in my room around 10:00,
here's what was on it.
 We have Hamsters Under Glass as an appetizer.
 Carefully guarded by this guy.
Who is this guy?
Which one of you even owns this guy?
 The good guys are protected by a bell jar force field.
 Hello Kitty is standing sentry.
 Don't mind the fish.
They're all just salt and pepper shakers.
 They kept trying to get shots of Sonic, but he's pretty fast.

 Homestar Runner is now displayed in tube form.
Vase filler.
Well this isn't going to get us in Better Homes.

 At least they won't escape with Godzilla and company barring the entrance.
 We have the evil Empire posted across the way, surrounding a lovely
Tahitian Vanilla pillar.

 Menacing, with a delightfully relaxing aromatherapy benefit.
 I seem to remember Thor and Iron Man being a lot more cut.
Sorry, did I say that?
Must be the hormones.

 I may have to break out great grandma's china to go with this one.
 Honey, where's the Waterford packed?
Thank you for tolerating our tablescaping escapades. You asked for it, 
and have no one to blame but yourselves.
 Now as an added bonus, please enjoy the following video 
of us drugging our cats on a weekday afternoon, and be happy I shaved my legs.



Donna Wilkes said...

I came over to let you know I had posted my first glitz project, but instead I found a pop culture feast for my art-loving eyes! Loved both the monologue and the tablescape. You have some serious toy issues. I was traumatized in childhood when my Ken ran off to be with the GI Joe's! The catnip cat is crazy. Anyway, I posted a link on my blog to come back to you. Hope there is no limit on how many projects can be linked up - I am planning for three, Get rest - have a great weekend before all the glitz hitz!

Distressed Donna Down Home

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

You already know that I adore your minions and their creativity....they come by it naturally! I'm pretty sure I've tripped over and stepped on most of those toys in the dark at some point in my life!

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Oh! If you like mojitos without the adult factor, try making frozen limeade - but replace 1.5 cans of regular water with club soda. Then add handfuls of mint and let sit for a few hours. Strain the mint out so it doesn't decompose and get all nasty. So tasty and easy! Actually I make mojitos the same way, just replace some water with club soda and some with rum.

Michelle L. said...

Wahahaha! It's too much, yet just right! I salute the minions. They share an eye for design,who would have thought this cool scape was possible from that crazy mix?

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I just love reading about you and your family, you just seem like the most fun family ever. Love it! Thank you for blogging this crazy awesome shit! (pardon my mouth)