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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

That Would Take Too Long; Let Me Sum Up

I've got a cart full of catch up for you today!
Did we ever do something, leaving you wondering,
"Seriously, is that going to work?"
Well let's answer a couple of those questions,
show you a favorite find.
ask for your help in making a choice,
and plot out what to do to fill up my rainy day.
I'm sure some of you had a qualm or two when we showed you how to make vanilla 
all by yourself. Does it look and taste like the store bought stuff?
 Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes it does!
 That color is gorgeous.
And we've already used a good bit of this batch.
The flavor?
Strong and pure.
 And right now is a great time to get started on Christmas gifts.
 I've frequently dragged my BFF Michael into my lunacy
(hey, what are friends for?),
and he's been game to let us crash his deck projects ...
...constructing an ornamental bridge for landscape interest...
...and most recently, he shared how to build a raised bed from scratch.
Now how much can a bed that size possibly produce, you ask?
I've had the advantage of getting blow by blow pictures.
 Now, let me first explain that this man is a tad...
 how shall I put it?
His choice of tomato cages are the 
which are sturdy enough to move from season to season 
for under 9 bucks!
 Everything was planted according to the space it would need for maximum yield.
It's also pretty darned cute.
Proximity to the new kitchen makes a quick dinner harvest convenient.
 And some firmly grounded trellises are going to provide even more vertical
real estate for the vines to grasp and explore.
 But we're interested in the food, right?
His lovely bride of 30 years is Italian, and fresh basil
 makes her more giddy than roses.
Which he also comes up with.
Good guy.
 I should have never taught that man to make mojitos...
 This would run you a good $4 in the produce department.
And oldest son, Steven, is in on the act too,
 experimenting with drying some mint for later use.
When you need room in the planting bed,
you make room.
 Don't limit yourself to just produce.
Raised beds are great decorative accents, and this little stained number adds
 a nice soft shot of color to the backyard entertaining space.
Do you have a fear of hammers?
Hit your local wine purveyor and nab some crates for an interesting
twist on planters in the yard.
Bonus points for recycling!
Our neighborhood Ho Depot
(I'm feeling inexplicably gangsta)
had a few fun discoveries.
 Hellllllllllllllllooooooooooo, Martha!
Did you say GLITTER???
Oooooooooo, why yes she did!
But what could one possibly do with glitter paint?
 Gee, um, I dunno...
And that concrete patio we put in?
The surface the Feline Overlords.
Not the look I was going for.
So I've decided to tile over the surface to warm it up.
Tell me what you think.
This cool 18x18 tile...
 ...with an attractive price tag.
A match to my indoor tile for a seamless flow... just slightly more...
...or this 18 x18 slightly more natural look, also priced at $1.28.

As for today, the sewing machine is out.
I have a little inspiration....
 $35 each? Not happening.
...but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what I do.
Til then, don't forget to join in on The Great Glitzy Hack Off!


Della said...

You are having some FUN! I love home projects!!!

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

What fun! I loved your friends bridge project and read every word...then sent it to my father-in-law! I'm on to you with your glitter paint girl...and just so you know, I did a little glitz shopping of my own today....took a list...took a some stuff. Oh yes...I have plans too!