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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tablescapes of the Minions

You asked for it, you've got it.
 What happens when you allow your children to build the dinner mood,
 encouraging their imaginations to run wild?

Dinner here is a seven-nights-a-week-with-candles-and-music-non-negotiable-have-
your-butt-in-your-chair affair.
It baffles a lot of their friends.
It's an important part of the day for a family, 
and my kids have grown up experiencing cultural customs
and music according to the cuisine of the evening.
Manners, table settings, and the art of conversation are lessons you can take away.
This doesn't take money.
It just takes imagination and an open mind.
Sundays are generally my day in the kitchen, and I drag the Minions in
 to learn different cooking techniques and recipes.
When the table is set, we go over how everyday objects can be used to create
a certain feel.
Have they learned the basics?
Let's have a look, shall we?
We'll start with a Dungeons and Dragons map and a dragon skull from
the boys' wall in a handy basket.
Remember, self-expression may include Legos, Hello Kitty, or Darth Vader.
And out comes the Gaming Chest!
So, take
...and add small character figures.

Look around the house for pieces that may have the same flavor.

Choose a couple of hurricanes.
Maybe a jaunty wizard's hat?
How about some upside down champagne flutes to raise the flame a bit?

I have no idea what salt and pepper shakers to put out with this,
but it won't be the Mary Engelbreit watering can set.
A little action figure vase filler.
I'm sorry, they're called what?
Pardon me, miniatures vase filler.
This happy blue basket has to go though.
This isn't Dragons on Spring Break.
There we go, a vintage basket painted black,
and let's add an ocarina as a
nod to Legend of Zelda, shall we?
A few gems scattered for that coveted treasure effect.
How about a dragon perched on a column?
He's attractive, eh?
This guy is a better dinner companion.
Add some votives in cups to illuminate the scene.
...and lose the hat.
By the way, guys, that's MY hat.
Kindly return it.
And we have a charming centerpiece,
perfect for cooking from 12th century recipes,
which we've been known to do.
A little lute, some Celtic bagpipes, or perhaps the a cappella strains
of the Mediaeval Baebes?
Mark my words, Apartment Therapy will pick this up pronto.
Better Homes already has proven my kaleidoscope style to be the in thing.
This is as close as we get.
You want that other blog for that.
This is also a perfect setting for our next D&D tournament,
shedding light on Funyuns and Mountain Dew,
and Mom's Nacho Mountain.
Someone get a shot of Grandma when she rolls out here.
I'm keeping this in mind for Halloween too.
Don't be surprised if I trot it back out.
If these haven't become bracelets in my Etsy shop that is.

Oh, right, add a magic wand.
My bad.
Now we can fix the peas if they're mushy.
This was a lot of fun to create, it's great quality time with the kids,
it induces laughter and sparks creativity and out of the box thinking...
...and isn't that what you're all about?
Letting them be who they are?
Encouraging productive outlets?
Letting them march to their own tunes?

This is staying on the table for dinner.


lisbonlioness said...

Sunny, you know I love you and you know I dig your style. But this is the best decor you have ever blogged.
Can I stay for dinner?

Michelle L. said...

Holy Mammon! This is about the funniest and most gloriously nutso centerpiece/altar ever. I love it way more than I should at my advanced age!

Della said...

I never imagined such a thing could be so attractive. I wonder what else the minions have up their sleeves??? If it's as cool as this (and I'm sure it is), bring it on!

You have an Etsy shop? What is it? Do share please!

MJ said...

This looks amazing! LOVE the skull and eyeing it enviously :) Also surprised the mediaeval baebes are known in the US! LOL

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Wow....I thought I was the only one who had creepy stuff around my place! That is really something! I think it's marvelous that you encourage your kids to cook, try new things and I love that you insist on a sit down dinner! How nice!